I had this idea last week when I was looking through different playlists on Spotify. I found some about my favorite tv couples and it got me thinking that there must be some songs that represent these couple's love stories, and I found them. Here are the song that remind me of my favorite fictional couples.

Grey's Anatomy

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Meredith and Derek - Paper Rings, Taylor Swift

I mostly chose this song because of this lyric "I like shiny things, but I'd marry you with paper rings." It goes along with their story because in season five they planned this big wedding, but then it became their friends wedding, and they decided to write their vows and get married on a post-it. That's why I chose Paper Rings for the couple that got married on a piece of paper.

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Callie and Arizona - Love on the Brain, Rihanna

I chose this song because this one lyric and how it reminds me of the trauma they went through after the car accident and the plane crash, "Oh, and baby I'm fist fighting with fire just to get close to you." That lyric really makes me think of the scene where Callie puts Arizona in the shower after she lost her leg. Even though their story didn't end so well in the show, I like to think that they got back together in New York after they both left Seattle.

Brooklyn 99

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Jake and Amy - Someone to You, BANNERS

This is the song I picked for them because in the song in goes, "I never had nobody and no road home I wanna be somebody to someone." I liked that lyric because it reminded me of how Jake grew up with a single mom and he didn't have a dad around, and now he has a chance to be the Dad he never had and the husband to Amy that his mom never had, and that's really sweet to me.

Gilmore Girls

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Rory and Logan - Ghost of You, 5 sos

I liked Rory with Logan the best but that can be for another day. The lyric that I really liked for them was, "We're too young, too dumb." They were. That lyric really made me think about the proposal. I hated how Logan made it "all or nothing," but that was because he was young and dumb.


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Steve and Nat - Endgame, Taylor Swift

Yes, I know that technically they aren't a couple, but I really like the idea of them being together. Anyway, the reason I chose this song may be obvious, I mean they were in a movie that had the same title. I also chose this song because the lyrics work too. The one I really like for them is, "Ooh you and me we got big reputations, ah And you heard about me, ooh I got some big enemies." They have so much chemistry and they have a lot in common too. Like they both have reputations, and enemies too, like n the lyrics.

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Peggy and Daniel - Fools, Lauren Aquilina

This song tells the story of friends to lovers which is what Peggy and Daniel are. They started off as friendly co-workers, and then their feelings grew for each other as they started working closer together, that's why this song matches their story. So many of the lyrics work for them, but these are my favorite. "Friends, I watched us as we changed The feelings in my headspace rearranged." I already explained their story and that's why these lyrics match, so I don't really need to re-explain why this works for them.

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Daisy and Lincoln - Roses, Against the Current

If you haven't watched Agents of Shield a spoiler is coming up so skip to the next couple. I was so sad with the way their story ended. Their love for each other was so strong, and so real that they were willing to die for each other. Sadly one of them did. The lyric that really works for them is, "I hope that the lipstick I left on your face Stays red like the roses I laid on your grave." It's obvious why but the rest of the lyrics in the song work well with them too.

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Steve and Peggy - The Night We Met, Lord Huron

I know that they have both already been in this article, and with different people, but I really like them together too. I also know that the are a pretty controversial, but I really only liked them together in The First Avenger.
Because after that Peggy moved on and so did Steve after a while, and I wished the directors/writers had respected that. Anyway, the lyrics in this song that go with Peggy and Steve are, "I had all and then most of you Some and now none of you." Again, you can kind of tell why I chose these lyrics, I mean they tell the story of the end of the movie. How they hand kissed, then Steve went into the plane, then him telling Peggy that he had to crash the plane, then them talking on the radio, and then Peggy hearing the static.

I saved my favorite couple for last!

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Fitz and Simmons - You Are In Love, Taylor Swift

Okay so this is my favorite fictional couple of all time. I have a whole collection about them here, and I made my own playlist with songs for them too. Basically any Taylor Swift song (especially from folklore) makes me think of them. There is no one lyric in this song that makes me think of them, the whole song reminds me of them. The lyrics about, "coffee at midnight," and the lyric about, "Pauses, then says, you're my best friend," are my favorite to compare. There is a scene in one of the episodes in season 3 after Jemma returns from Maveth and Fitz shows up at her door with coffee(it might be tea but still), also the "You're my best friend," line takes me back to when they we at the bottom of the ocean, and Fitz gave Jemma the last bit of air. I could write about them for hours, maybe someday I will!!

I hoped you enjoyed this article, and here are some of my other articles and collections.