hi! today is the last day of the month and i can’t, honesty, believe we are in august already. i hope this playlist can bring some happiness in it’s own way, and please stay home - be safe.

let’s go!

july playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4z2detCAk85ZNYyd8uxnqL?si=E-S1QWrCTra9XTzy472Ekg
my spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/belucastrog?si=DiNXZMjoRGCbuJag1E36Qg

☕ i. ‘young and sad’ by noah cyrus

‘and i was born to rain clouds
when they blew the flame out
blessed in our shadows’
alternative, emo, and cyrus family image noah cyrus image
the last album by noah was great. a good and unexpected record that while quarantine was well needed. this one is not my favorite from the album, but it was there when I needed it.

☕ ii. ‘exile’ by taylor swift (bon iver)

‘you’re not my homeland anymore
so what am I defending now?
you were my town, now I’m in exile, seein’ you out’
folklore and Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift, folklore, and black and white image
masterpiece. that's how i define this incredible and beautiful album by taylor. 'folklore' is my favorite album of the year, no skips, just great music. this one was my favorite in the beginning and it will be until the end.

☕ iii. ‘lonely eyes’ by lauv

‘she had those lonely eyes
i only know ‘cause i have them too’
lauv image album, single, and music image
lauv's music has been my companion in quarantine with others, and this song has always been one of my favorites since the beginning. in this month this song in particular was saying what i was feeling for weeks.

☕ iv. ‘habits’ by tove lo

'staying in my play pretend, where the fun ain’t got no end’
lo, tove, and tove lo image 90s, alone, and high image
this was the first song i ever added to the playlist. i have been always a fan of tove lo's music and, actually, this is an old one that was part of the soundtrack from 'the order' series. i don't think i will take a long time with this one, because i think you know it.

☕ v. ‘ashley’ by halsey

‘seems like now it’s impossible to work this out
i’m so committed to an old ghost town’
pink and halsey image guitar, singer, and halsey image
i heard this song months ago, but i was on instagram looking at my feed and i got a video from halsey's last concert singing this song and i just fell in love with it all over again.

☕ vi. ‘love i’m given’ by ellie goulding

‘i used to think that i was so invincible
i tore myself to pieces, had to put on a show'
Ellie Goulding, girl, and pretty image awesome, Ellie Goulding, and beautiful image
this album by ellie found me as a huge surprise. it's been a while since i heard new music by her and this track I felted that it was great. I hope you give her album a try.

☕ vii. ‘circling the cage’ by delaney jane

‘the truth is i am better off all by myself
i’m not expecting you to take this well'
tattoo, butterfly, and nails image butterfly, wallpaper, and aesthetic image
i was looking at my new discoveries playlist in the first week of the month. i remember reading the title and the name of the album and it was so attractive to me, that when I listened to the song it was, i don't know how to explain. it's a great song to just vibe and dance alone in my room.

☕ viii. ‘life’s a mess’ by juice wrld (halsey)

‘don't throw in the towel, i know it feels like you're the only one trying
you just gotta learn to live and love on'
hands, quotes, and tattoo image juice world and juice wrld image
i had never heard juice wrld's music before this collaboration came out. i'm a huge halsey's fan and when i saw this song posted on her instagram i was really excited to hear. it's not my favorite collab by her, but it haves a nice feeling and the mixture is great. it was a nice surprise

☕ ix. ‘slow motion’ by charlotte lawrence

‘hard to believe that you ever really loved me
i made believe that you cared when you touched me
aesthetic, grunge, and tumblr image girl and pfp image
i was really excited to hear new music from her again. this one is great, maybe not the best, but for some reason every new song that's in this list came out exactly when i needed them.

☕ x. ‘slow grenade’ by ellie goulding (lauv)

‘can't beat the taste of the tears that i'll cry'
Image removed Image removed
this one was the first ellie's song I heard before her album came out. like i've been saying here, lauv became a huge companion this quarantine with his music and when I saw this collaboration I felted intrigued. it's a really good mix between lauv's vibe and ellie's music style.

☕ xi. ‘boys with emotions’ by felix sandman

‘when we're young, they say to keep it all inside, all inside
when the boys are blowing up, we wonder why'
felix, funny, and sad image felix, eurovision, and fo&o image
this one came out -last year I think- but back then i didn't love it as much as I do now. it haves a great messages about this stereotype of men being "strong" and "insensitive", it challenges that and questions it. an incredible song, please give it a try, not just the song but the artist as well.

☕ xii. ‘like that’ by doja cat (gucci mane)

‘and baby, i want it, and i'll just be honest
'cause i just can't front when i look at you
doja cat image doja cat image
this and j balvin's song -that you will find as bonus track- are my guilty pleasures of the month. i'm not a huge fan of this type of songs, but for some reason I saw a video with this song in it and I just felted captured by it.

☕ xiii. ‘better run’ by nasty cherry

‘we could chill under the warmest covers
and be nothing but the coldest lovers'
Image removed Image removed
been stalking nasty cherry since the beginning with their netflix show and now their music. such an amazing vibe that makes me wanna dance alone in my room and at the same time cry.

☕ xiv. ‘bend the rules’ by niall horan

‘i pour myself a glass, it won't be the last
just our medicine for now'
niall horan image niall horan image
this album by niall wasn't my favorite compared with 'flicker' but i started to appreciate this song more now. it's such a cool and chill song but at the same time really sad.

☕ xv. ‘anyone else’ by joshua bassett

‘how am i supposed to think about anything else?
how am I to go on keeping this to myself?
i am done pretending i want anyone else'
joshua bassett image joshua bassett image
i'm a huge joshua stan, and when his song 'common sense' came out i wasn't really into it but this one was different. i loved the whole concept and the lyrics to it was really nice. a really cool and simple song.

☕ xvi. ‘betty’ by taylor swift

‘the worst thing that i ever did
was what i did to you'
Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift image
another taylor track because, why not? such an incredible album that i couldn't leave many of them behind.

☕ xvii. ‘eleanor rigby’ by the beatles

‘lives in a dream
waits at the window
wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door
who is it for?'
60s, aesthetic, and black and white image george harrison, the beatles, and ringo starr image
i saw the 'yesterday' movie a few days ago and i was really intrigued about this particular song by the beatles, i had never heard this complete track before so it was nice to get into it.

☕ xviii. ‘just like heaven’ by the cure

‘"why are you so far away?", she said
"why won't you ever know that i'm in love with you?
that i'm in love with you?"'
archive, neon, and the cure image grunge, the cure, and theme image
i don't remember how this one came into my mind this month but it was my jam. such a good record. tell me your favorites by the cure!

☕ xix. ‘easy’ by troye sivan

‘burning the tears right off my face
what the hell did we do?
tell me we'll make it through'
Image by arzu Image by arzu
at first I wasn't into it, but after a few streams I was in love. such a peaceful and yet sad and chill song. I'm really excited about his ep coming up.

☕ xx. ‘evil spider’ by benee

‘promise not to bite
unless you're hurting me'
benee image benee image
i saw an instagram story from dani cimorelli -a once singer, and now influencer?- that posted this album by benee, and while giving it a try I found this chilled and fun track. so good.

☕ xxi. ‘love somebody’ by lauv

‘started off as a good thing, a sure thing
what the hell did i do?'
boy and lauv image Image removed
from the little ep he dropped this month, listening to this gem was incredible. i love his music and this wasn't any different. i loved this track and i truly can't wait to hear more and more from his music. i truly can't. I'm obsessed.

☕ xxiii. ‘blackbird’ by the beatles

‘take these broken wings and learn to fly
all your life
you were only waiting for this moment to arise'
music, the beatles, and vintage image the beatles, beatles, and music image
being completely honest, this happened because of tom holland. i'm a hollander -or at least i think i am- a huge fan of tom since the beginning of his career and in this month i heard a little piece of his father's podcast in which we can listen to tom in the back playing a little bit of 'blackbird' so beautifully that i couldn't resist.

[bonus tracks: ‘agua’ by tainy (j balvin) I ‘the 1’ by taylor swift I 'carmelyzed crusade' by apricot ink]

this month was chaotic but peaceful at the same time. this was the end of my first semester in college and also the beginning to the well needed winter holidays.
thank you so much for reading!
i think i’ll be posting a review of taylor swift’s last album ‘folklore’ soon, because i think we need to have a conversation about it - one of my favorite albums so far!

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