This is my second article and I have I always wanted to write article but didn't know what to do but I got some inspiration from others to actually write my own article and many more to come! today's article is a get to know me tag just so y'all can get to know about me :) hope you enjoy!

name: adoré
birthday: may 6th
ethnicity: hispanic
nationality: american

let's be friends! follow my social medias:
twitter: adorehinojosa
instagram: adorehinojosa

1. what is your favorite color?

sky, purple, and aesthetic image aesthetic, bouquet, and flowers image green, nails, and aesthetic image green, book, and aesthetic image
periwinkle/baby purple and green are currently my favorite colors at the moment

2. who is your girl crush?

Image by lapetitemort Image removed makeup, euphoria, and alexa demie image sydney sweeney image
I absolutely adore orion and enya so much, their whole aesthetic to me feels like a mix of myself. alexa demie and sydney sweeney, do I need to say anymore.

3. who is your boy crush?

Harry Styles, lights up, and one direction image background, iphone, and wallpaper image zayn image asap rocky, feminism, and feminist image
harry styles. calum hood. zayn malik. asap rocky.

4.window or aisle seat?

adventure, plane, and travel image aesthetic, clouds, and HighLife image
window seat

5.how tall are you?

funny, short, and haha image

6. dogs or cats?

animals, beige, and brown image Image removed
both they're so cute

7. what are your goals in life?

campus, college, and campus life image cardiovascular sonography image dream house, desi perkins, and home image couple, love, and nature image
finish college with my sonography degree, get a job at a local hospital, get my dream house and car and travel the world with my future husband

8. what is your ideal date?

picnic image aesthetic image
I am such a simple girl who enjoys small things in life and I have always wanted to go on a picnic date but also I love being a little spoiled for a glamorous date too.

9. winter or summer?

autumn, fall, and book image Image by gianna :)
fall/winter time is my favorite

10. tea or coffee?

Image by ketikokaia97_1 food, tea, and breakfast image

11. how would you describe your fashion sense?

outfit, fashion, and black image enjajaja image
my fashion sense is so basic and i don't know how else to describe it besides it being basic lol

12. what are your favorite netflix shows?

htgawm, how to get, and away with murder image cast, criminal minds, and entertainment image gilmore girls, quotes, and life image Devi, school, and series image

13. what social media are you addicted to?

Harry Styles, twitter, and zayn malik image memes, funny, and funny tweets image
i wouldn't say addicted but i've been on twitter since i was 11 and i am currently 20 years old and that's a social media i have been on for the longest.

14. what is your favorite movie?

Heathers, red, and 80s image aesthetic, grunge, and sensual image movie, she's all that, and love image gif, love, and movie image
heathers and she's all that

15. what is your favorite dessert?

food, ice cream, and chocolate image Image by automneautumn
mint chocolate chip ice cream and pumpkin pie