A T-shirt is, obviously, the piece of clothes we use the most in our daily lives. And it is our savior when we don't know what to wear.

Here there are some of those that MUST be in your closet:

1. White

Because it is very versatile.

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2. Black

Because they are elegant and easy to combine.

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3. Stripes

Probably, they match everything you have in your closet.

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4. Tie Dye

This 2020 you can't not have one. They are the most popular t-shirts. Of course, all your friends already have it.

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5. Cropped

Ideal to use with high-waisted jeans.

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6. Your favourite colour

Because your clothes should reflect who you are.

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7. Vindictive

With phrases, images, drawings, or any pattern that represents you.

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8. Favourite movie

Because, obviously!

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9. Logos

They are always in fashion!

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10. Rock

Because music must always be present

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Thank you for reading.

Stay Safe.

Sophie ☼
Sophie ☼

Saludos y besos, Sophie ☼