I just noticed you could write articles and got inspired by my cousin, so I thought I would do the ABC tag.

A: age

twenty five.
25, facade, and numbers image 25, bicycle, and facade image
I am 25 years old. I'm still young, but I'm not going to lie, I'm starting to feel the pressure of accomplishment, success and society's norms.

B: best feature

my humor & heart.
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I'm not saying I have a great sense of humor, simply just a lot of it. I am often seen laughing and I've often been told I am very positive. I am also often told I am quite caring and have a lot of empathy, sometimes a little too much. Which I have learned is both a gift and a burden.

C: colors

black, purple, red & green.
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I love black, especially in clothing, I love varieties of purples, especially lilacs and bluish purples, it's quite a soothing color. I love reds for everything, clothing, interior, makeup etc. especially Christmassy reds and darker, purple reds. But darker, deeper greens are probably my absolute favorite, it reminds me of both Christmas and the forest, it also brings out my green eyes.

D: desire

Image by 𝑩𝒆𝒂𝒕𝒓𝒊𝒛 ✺ high school musical, HSM, and musical image one tree hill image girl, hair, and beauty image
I desire happiness, in my relationship, friendships, my career, my hobbies, my free-time, for myself. I wish to be happy and content with the life I'm living, and I'm not quite there yet.

E: every day starts with

sleeping in & water.
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I always sleep later than I intend to, even if it's only 5 minutes or hours. I also always drink water the minute I wake up.

F: favorite movies

all of them.
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The Way Way Back: just a beautiful coming of age story, it just makes me incredibly happy. Titanic: It is such a classic, I just love it so much. The Harry Potter franchise: My entire childhood, it's so magical, inspiring, captivating and freeing. Three Wishes for Cinderella: This is a Christmas classic in Norway. It's a movie from the Czech Republic, it's played on Norway's "national channel" every Christmas eve morning, it's a beautiful film. When the Norwegian version voiced by Knut Risan is played at 11.00am on December 24th in Norway, Christmas is here. These are just some of my favorite movies, I tend to like all movies I watch, there's a running joke with my friends that I should start a Movie review blog with only good reviews.

G: goal in life

to be truly happy and loved.
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H: hobbies

music, reading, crocheting & painting.
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I have always loved music, and have a bachelor in music education, so I often sing and play the piano, ukulele and guitar - it brings me peace. I also absolutely love reading, getting lost in a book and a different world, escaping reality for just a few moments. I also love to crochet especially while sitting outside enjoying the views or while watching television and movies. Painting, I just started doing a year ago, I have been painting with watercolors, I'm not good at all, but it's very soothing.

I: in love with

harry, music, movies & traveling.
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Harry Styles is just a wonderful musician and overall an incredible human being. Music has always been an escape for me. Movies just inspire me, and bring me joy and sorrow and make me think and believe and dream. Traveling is something I've always loved, my parents always loved it so I've been so fortunate to travel to so many incredible places throughout my life.

J: job of my dreams

artist, actor/director, writer & confectioner.
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Some part of me dreams of being an artist, selling out arenas and stadiums, singing and performing for thousands of people, watching the crowd dance, be happy and singing my own lyrics back to me. While the part of me that loves movies and storytelling wishes to act in movies and television, pouring my heart out through a character. I would also love to direct movies or write movies, showing my vision of a story come to life. Another part of me that loves books and immersing myself in stories would love to be a writer, living off writing books and stories. And then there is a small part of me that dreams of a simple life, living in a small town, and owning my own little confectionery store.

K: kids

cuddle, family, and hug image black&white, classy, and dreams image
I think I want three kids, I could do four, but not more. I want at least two, I myself have two siblings and wouldn't want to grow up without them.

L: last thing I ate

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
I have been obsessed with blueberries lately.

M: magical power

teleportation & harry potter magic.
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Teleportation would make traveling so much easier, I can imagine just waking up and thinking "hmm, perhaps I'll go to Thailand today". It would also be super convenient when you'd want to visit family and friends. And of course, being a lover of Harry Potter, I would love if Hogwarts and that type of magic and world existed.

N: nationality

norwegian & svalbardian.
norway, house, and mountains image arctic, home, and north image blondes, celebration, and fun image blue, flowers, and pretty image
I am from Norway, but more specifically an island in the arctic called Svalbard, which is pictured at the top right. The bottom pictures are of Norwegian national costumes called bunad.

O: one favorite song

medicine - harry styles.
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I love so many songs, but for the past months I've been obsessed with everything by Harry Styles.

P: personality.

jessica day, charlotte heywood & hermione granger
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I am very weird and crazy and bubbly, just like Jessica Day from New Girl, I have always been very weird. When I moved to the US for an exchange year I was stamped as the crazy weird Norwegian after a week. I burst into song and dance all day long. I am also quite the hopeless romantic like Jess. Then another part of me is similar to Charlotte Heywood in Jane Austen''s Sanditon, I am very headstrong, stubborn and not afraid to speak my mind or opinion. I am also very excited by life and new things like Charlotte, I want to try and do anything there is to try or do. And lastly another part of me is like Hermione Granger in Harry Potter. I have always been a keen learner (love books) and very engaged in school and loved to raise my hand and a bit of a know it all sometimes. I was also very much a rule follower growing up, a good girl. Another part of me always spoke up for the "underdog" or those who lack their own voice, just like Hermione did with the house elves with SPEW.

Q: question I'm always asked.

are you ok?
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I always answer yes.

R: reason to smile.

rain & fog
rain, window, and autumn image beach, cliff, and fog image grunge, hipster, and indie image mist and nature image
I absolutely love rain and fog, it's so magical and mystical. When it's raining it's like the sky's gift to us, by washing away the sorrows of today and giving us a fresh start. And the smell after it has rained is wonderful and the air is usually so fresh, ahh, I love it.

S: season of the year.

christmas season.
christmas, christmas tree, and fire image christmas, winter, and marshmallow image christmas, noël, and light image Image by gia
I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I have never met anyone who loves Christmas as much as I do (not that it's a competition), but if it was, I'd win, haha! I love everything about it; the music, the movies, the interior, all the lights, family, the snow, the decorations, the joy and calm. I always decorate like crazy, there was even one year when friends of my roommate would come to our apartment only to see my decorated bedroom. I just love it, nothing makes me happier.

T: tv programs

one tree hill, gilmore girls, how i met your mother, game of thrones, sanditon, grey's anatomy & many more.
Inspiring Image on We Heart It gilmore girls image how i met your mother, himym, and barney image game of thrones, jon snow, and sansa stark image balcony, beautiful, and couple image meredith grey, grey's anatomy, and mertina image
My all time favorite show is One Tree Hill, it's a show I grew up with that followed me through my teens, and means more to me than a lot of people will understand. But I also looove all of these shows mentioned, as well as many more.

U: underwear color

Temporarily removed Calvin Klein and underwear image
Black all day, every day.

V: vacation place

scotland, northern ireland, tanzania, vietnam & many more.
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I love to travel, so I honestly want to got everywhere. But right now, the top of my list is Scotland, Northern Ireland, Tanzania (or another country near by), Vietnam, as well as Seattle and New Orleans.

W: worst habits

never answering the phone & saying no.
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I either don't answer my phone and texts or it takes me ages to reply (usually), there are only a select few I always reply straight away. I am also in a habit of saying no to things, I'm not a big drinker and don't care for big crowds, so when I'm asked if I want to join going out to bars, clubs or gatherings my answer is usually no.

X: x-rays i've had

wrist & chest.
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I had an x-ray of my wrist when I broke it in 4th grade & of my chest when I had pneumonia a few years back.

Y: your favorite artists

queen, harry styles, parachute, kodaline, sondre justad, sara bareilles, taylor swift, the script & many more.
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These are just some of my favorites, I have many many more, but these are very dear to my heart.

Z: zodiac sign

Image by hi art, artwork, and astrology image
I used to really dislike being a Gemini, because it seemed like everyone on the internet hates them. But now I really appreciate it, and my sign really resonates with me. Gemini's are gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, have the ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas. Which I have found to be true, I am especially very affectionate, curious and adaptable. Gemini's can also be nervous, inconsistent, indecisive, which are all true when it comes to me, I am especially indecisive. I guess I really should have written indecisive on my worst habits as well.

And that's some things about me, I really enjoyed doing this ABC tag, it was fun.

- heidi

This was inspired by my cousin's ABC tag: