Written by @thehoneyclub

Hello everyone! Thank you all so much for participating in our first thematic week and we hope that you all let us know your ideas on our Instagram. As an extra way of showing you all our appreciation... we have decided to hold new membership applications!!

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We are looking for 2 new members to join as writers for our team and the rules are as follows:
  • Be above 14 years old
  • Fill out an application form
  • Follow the deadlines you are given
  • Be positive
  • Have a gmail & discord
  • Be flexible
  • Do NOT give out any personal information about the members or account

You will either be writing for Mondays or Sundays.

Here's the form:


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Thank you to those who chose to participate!! We will have the results by Sunday (August 2nd) and if you don't get accepted then no worries! We can still write collaborative articles on here with you or you can apply again in the future : )

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