Let me just start off by saying I love this album, i think its great for studying, work, and anything really. my all time favorite song off this album would have to be Invisible String, with a close second and third of The 1 and betty. although i do have to say i really dont like the colab of Taylor and Bon Iver in the song exile. Well the both have great voices i feel as though they just dont blend together nicely. so overall i would defiantly recommend this album, now lets get into some theories that some fans and I have noticed.

1) would be that Taylors music video for Cardigan and Harry Styles music video for his song Falling have a lot in common. both videos feature the artist sitting at a piano and water flowing threw. although taylor is sitting under a water fall while harrys piano starts flooding out.

2) Cardigan, betty, and illicit affairs, are a love triangle told from three different perspectives. cardigan is told from bettys pov, illicit affairs is from the girl james cheated on betty with and betty is told from james pov.

3) Mad Women is about Games Of Thrones

4)the last american dynasty is about Taylors Rhode Island home

there are lots of other amazing theories if you go to the link at here:

hope you enjoyed this article and learned some new theories for taylors amazing album!