hey everyone! as i start to prepare for my first year at university, i'm looking back on everything high school taught me, and not necessarily academic. i'm hoping these tips will help anyone feeling anxious about starting school again this september

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always put yourself first
we're all going to have ups and downs, whether with friendships, schoolwork or your partner. the most important thing is your wellbeing and mental health- make this your number one priority in every situation you put yourself in :))

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✬ it's all about balance
"life is all about balance. the good and the bad. the highs and the lows. the pina and the colada" - ellen degeneres

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✬ finding your flow is easier than it sounds
before starting sixth form (last two years of high school), i was worried about being able to integrate myself back into school, plus a new environment. for anyone feeling the same, finding your groove is much easier than you may think! stay organised, get your work done and find your balance, and you'll be just fine

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✬ master your morning routine
i have a whole article on this, but once you get your morning routine down, your entire school day will feel so much easier

✬ enjoy these years, they won't last forever!
you may have loads of people telling you just this, but its true! these high school years go by in a flash so make the most of them despite the heavy homework

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