This is my bucket list, different symbols mean how completed everything is, hope you can feel inspired, and if you are interested in how I do in all of these or have any questions, my website is at the end.

♢Dive in another country
✣Know every continent (3/7)
♢Visit my international friends
♢Transatlantic or transpacific cruise
♢Go through Panama Canal
♢Dive between the two tectonic plates
♢Go to turkey
♢Go to a very cold place in winter (like russia)
♢Go to a black sand beach
♢Go to an ice building
♢Go to the olympics (as an spectator)
♢Go to machu picchu
♢Go to the 7 wonders of the world
♢Swim in the dead sea
♢Watch the Aurora borealis
♢Go to the Galapagos islands

✔Learn how to dive
♢Learn how to do my own make up
♢Learn how to style my hair
✣Learn German
✣Learn Russian
♢Learn Portuguese
♢Learn Italian
♢Learn Turkish
✣Learn marine biology
♢Learn to surf
♢Learn to identify the constellations
♢Learn morse code
✣Learn how to code
♢Do a rubiks cube
✣Know something about every country (1/194)

♢Ride on a hot air ballon
♢Go to a karaoke bar
♢Go to a midnight premier
♢Go to a festival
♢Watch a game live
♢Sleep on a boat
♢Go to a christmas market

❁Personal goals❁
♢Have my room organized for more than a week
♢Keep a bullet journal
♢Open up to my loved ones
♢Be more consistent with exercise
♢Live 6 months abroad
✣Fix my hair
♢Start a collection
✣Finish university

❁Miscellaneous/ DIY❁
♢Have a pet reptile
♢Have a tarantula
♢Find my signature perfume/ scent
♢Make a 3,001+ pieces puzzle
♢Make a puzzle of my family and frame it
♢Wear something I made
♢Make a scrapbook
♢Have a saltwater fish tank
♢Have an ant farm

thank you for reading