Often the English translation of Razai is shown as a blanket. However, in reality, this item is not a blanket but a bed quilt. Popularly used in the countries of India, Iran, Pakistan, Nepal, and Afghanistan this is a must-have item that helps in keeping the hard winter cold at bay. Though it is similar to the bedding item of duvet but there are certain aspects that make a razai different from the others. They are mainly prepared using velvet, silk, or cotton cover with cotton wool stuffed in between to provide necessary warmth. It has an insulating effect when a large amount of air gets trapped in the wool inside and retaining heat.

The traditional ones

What is the image that comes to your mind when someone says the word Razai? Well, you often have the vision of a single colored bedquilt that is extremely heavy. Not only that but it is bulky and certainly takes a lot of space for storage. You are absolutely right with your description as these are the ones that are traditional and seen around. However, to accommodate the need of the modern times there are news Razai in the market. How are they different? Read to know more.

The new-age item

The first thing that you will notice on the Razai is that of amazing design. Done by traditional artisans from the land of Rajasthan, these are such designs that will add a royal feeling to your bedroom. You will also notice that it is extremely soft and has a smooth touch. Other than that, these are absolutely light-weighted while ensuring that there is no harm in their functionality. This also eliminates the issue of storage as they can be easily folded to capture less space in your storage.

How to buy?

It is often tough to get hold of the right kind of product. Though the online platform is the best way but there are frauds who can take your money and provide you with a worthless product. This is where the renowned providers come to your rescue. They offer you with a high-quality product at an affordable rate. You can find such a provider by reading customer review.

Few more words

The Razai is certainly a beautiful and efficient item that provides a new look to your bedroom in this winter. Buy the best product to get the best.

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