Cause my colour simply isn't the amount of melanin in my skin
Turns out it's my personality and character
-"Colour doesn't matter"

You are human, they said
The moment I was born.
Of life and love
You’re one of us.
Together we stand, we fight, we grow, they said.

Till the day arrived when my skin had colour
And my eyes a story.
They no longer believed that we bled the same blood
Albeit our battles might differ.
Then, they confined me in a cage of choices I didn’t make
And I found my life at the mercy of their narrow minded thoughts,
While they looked down the barrel of their gun
Try to figure my crime: My skin or their racial prejudice.

And then I was no longer welcome,
For my colour had become my killer
And their hate, my grave.

-Cause justice shouldn't see colour

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Love, hope and strength