This is my second and i guess my last post about this. This is a thing we need to talk about and a problem we need to solve inside of Latin America. (This is written in english beacuse there are more languages in Latin America than spanish).

Now, I've said that being latinx is not about race, it never really was. But if we start denying the deep racism and colorism inside of Latin America, we are not doing anything to help the situation.

I am a white latinx, and because of this, I have white privilege. And if you are also a white latinx you have white privilege too. And if you deny it, you are being violent. I don't mean violent in a way of actual physical violence, but if you deny your privilege you are:
1) choosing to ignore that your ancestors colonized and were complicit of the genocide of natives.
2) choosing to believe that colorism is not a thing when it very much is, and we see it in micro aggressions daily, in ur language, in our political systems, in our class division, in the idea that we need to be as european alike as possible because we think that that is the only way of progress, in the way we teach our children, in the way blackface is so normalized.
3) choosing to believe that we are not capable of racism beacuse you choose not to see the diversity within Latin America.

Something that happened in Argentina, where I live, is that the same people that think natives are dirty and uncivilized and darker skin people are criminals, were all about the BLM movement in their instagram stories. Argentina is so deeply racist that we think there are no black people here, and we refuse to see the mistreatment of native comunities. Argentina's colorism is so strong that our insults revolve around a person's skin color and we don't even notice why that is violence. We have no concept of "slurs" because we deny that we can discriminate other people with harmful actions of our racism. We take pride on being the whitest country in Latin America, and I canoot begin to explain how disgusting that is. Our pride of being white is pride in genocide, pride in denying the existance of black argentinians, pride of a country that was built by racist cishet men, excusing their terrible actions because they did a few good things.

I cannot speak for other countries, but there are white latinxs all over Latin America, and because of that, white privilege also exist in all latin American countries. As white latinxs we need to take responsability and we need to get educated. Accept that being latinx doesn't take away your ability to be racist. Accept that if you are not careful you will teach and learn colorism, and it will become a part of your language and part of your thinking. Accept that inside and outside of the borders of your country, you will still be white, and you will still have privilege because of your race. Use your privilege to let unheard voices speak, and more important, learn that latinxs of color have the last word on what is and what is not racist. Get educated, decolonize your mind, unlearn everything racist and the microaggressions that you've been taught and have absorbed without kowing any better. You can know better now, and if you choose to not get educated and to stay unapologeticly silent, you have chosen violence and the side of the opressor. Please don't choose that side, don't choose silence.