hi guys! so i've been really down lately due to personal issues and depression. i felt like writing an article would hopefully make me feel better as they always do.

hope you enjoy x

(btw i write the text underneath the pictures okay bye)

· free your mind

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take a walk through the neighbourhood or in the nature. enjoy yourself, your surroundings and your thoughts as you walk without any music. let it, your mind, your thoughts run free.

· drink water

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this might be the usual for some but for others, like myself, it might not be part of the everyday. throw in some ice or fruits of your choice and make it a little more exciting. it's important to drink water on a dailybasis.

· freshen your surroundings

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tidy your place. redo your room. bring in pretty flowers. change the pillows. buy new cups. get that expensive carpet you've had your eyes on, treat yourself you deserve that. add a few more plants cause honestly, when is any too many?

· balance

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remember yourself. you have to take care of yourself as well. there's room for you-time as well as time for friends-time. there is a fine balance that is important to remember to keep.

· express your feelings

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write down your thoughts. sometimes it's better to tell yourself then other people. what you're going through. events happening. your inner deeper thoughts and feelings. anxiety, depression, happy times, crushes, what bothers you, quotes etc.

· feel clean

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dedicate an entire day to do you. take a long relaxing shower. throw in some nice scents or a bath bomb. put on clean bedsheats. lighten up your favourite scented candles. put on a mask. clean your face. apply a fresh color of nail-polish.

· eat nicely

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this doesn't mean that you need yo eat healthy all the time. eat whatever you enjoy, whatever makes you happy. but remember to take care of yourself and your body. eat good.

· relax

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sit down. relax. take a deep breath. make a cup of coffee or your favourite tea. bring out a book, some magazines, your laptop. take a long nap. enjoy the moment and relax.

· take time at projects

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learn to skate as you've always dreamt. learn that new tiktok dance. paint faces and pictures. bake cakes and make creations. take your time and enjoy time as you see your progress.

· mind

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and lastly, clear your mind. don't look back. it's you and it's now. take care of yourself.

thank you so much for reading this article. hope you enjoyed it! feel free to dm me i'd love to talk. btw it did help me.

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