Hey guys!
So i'm going to list some of my makeup favorites! There are so many products on the market that it gets overwhelming but here are my reviews on some that i get lots of compliments on or just some that i really like. I have semi oily skin and scars so i hope this helps if u have that too :).

Loreal Paris infallible matte-lock mattifying primer base
So i used to have major oily skin, like i'd oil up in less than 1-2 hours. Now i don't have that oily skin anymore but i still use mattifying primers.
This one is affordable and isn't oily, and ofc keeps me matte.

Fenty beauty pro filt'r instant retouch concealer
I love love love this concealer!!! Covers up medium-heavy and matches my skin color.
(they have a huge range of shades, i got my shade matched by Sephora with a test where she'd put a sort scanner on my face).
I mainly use concealer now instead of foundation bc i don't love full face makeup anymore, but u can definetly just use this as foundation aswell. I use this concealer for scars and dark circles, and it covers them up good, plus its matte! The bottle goes a long way and the applicator is nice.
if u go from drugstore concealers to this one, ur never going back to the drugstore ones LOL. I used the maybelline newyork concealer before but that one made me crease and the Fenty one does not crease AT ALL.

Fenty beauty pro filt'r soft matte longwear foundation
I used to use my foundation a bit, but the same thing applies as the concealer! The foundation is also good for covering up scars. I think if u'd put this one on at first and then the concealer, all your scars would be non exisistent! The bottle is made out of glass and it goes a long way. Covers up to medium-heavy.

Neutrogena shine control powder (rice protein complex)
i like the powder, it keeps me matte for a long time in combination with the products above ^. If u put it on, just gently shake ur brush before putting it on ur face. U don't want to make it cakey.

Clinique almost powder makeup spf 15
This powder is like a foundation powder. It covers up medium-heavy and blurs imperfections. U can set ur foundation with this, but i personally think that's too much since it's so covering. I recommend this if u go for that natural makeup look: just use this powder all over your face it blurs ur dark circles naturally aswell. It has spf15 so that's nice if ur only using the powder!

Bare minerals matte foundation powder spf15
This one is also a foundation powder. This one is good for acne prone skin! It contains certain ingredients thats good for ur skin. I first bought the normal one, instead of the matte, but the normal one has sparkles in it so i didn't really like that. This one is almost just like the clinique one but maybe a little less covering. Also has spf15 super important!

Hoola benefit bronzing powder
Loveeeeee this bronzer. it goes a long way, for how much i use it. Really pigmented and lasts long.

Too Faced primed poreless skin smoothing pressed powder
When they said skin smoothing... they meant that shit. If i set my face with this, my face looks so smooth just like porcelain skin.

Maybelline new york lash sensational waterproof & normal one
I SWEAR by the waterproof mascara. This holds your curled lashes for the whole day.
I currently use the normal one, that one is good as well but the waterproof one is a must have. Both are really affordable as well :).

Kiko Milano 3D hydra lipgloss (nr 18)
This lipgloss makes u look like u did fillers and is super glossy & glittery. It's very sticky tho i don't like that. Smells like cake/cookie batter which is heaven. It goes a long way and the applicator is also nice. I have nr. 18 (a perfect brown) & nr. 05 (a pretty light pink). They both blend well with my natural lip color :).

Rimmel London oh my gloss lipgloss!
I love this one, its glossy & glittery, makes your lips look juicy. This one doesn't stick a lot which i like. They also have glosses without glitter. I have a coral & pink one and they go amazing with a brown lipliner!

Maybelline lipstick (i think it's semi-matte?)
I love the maybelline lipstick line. They're affordable and have a super big range of colors! This one lasts me hella long, like a day with eating, drinking etc.
It's the perfect combo between matte and moisturizing, like it doesn't dry out ur lips like those crazy matte liquid ones.
I always get compliments on my color and how i always leave school with lipstick on my lips without reapplying. Goes a long way also.

Primark lash curler
I love my Primark lash curler a lot. I don't like the Elf one bc it's so wide. This one is more curled which makes my lashes curl better.

Maybelline newyork master chrome metallic highlighter (100 Molten gold)
I love this highlighter so much. It's very pigmented and goes a long long way, like i owned this for ab 4 years and just now i see the palleteground. 100 Molten gold is great for warm skin tones!

Vaseline cocoa butter moisturising jelly
This one and the roses smell so bomb, but i do prefer this one! Super moisturising and u can smell it lightly when it's on your lip.

Hope you guys loved this! ♡

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