It's been a long time since I last wrote on this column. And..a lot of things have happened. So, let's start with the more boring ones.

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I just finished my exams. Like literally. Yesterday, the 30th of July was the last day of my university exams due to Covid-19. It was tough since all of my friends had already finished but I made it- ok, so I cried a lot because of how tired I got but it's alright now. Better anyway.

No more sad news tho. Summer begins for me todayyy without any second thoughts. BIG oof. I don't know if I'm going on some kind of vacation but at least I am freee. Too excited, sorry. So, some things have changed, too. From now on I'll be wearing glasses because during these exams I got really bad headaches and couldn't clearly see, so yeah. Tbh I've been wanting to wear glasses since I was little. Weird ik. I also started a medical therapy for my acne-GlOw uP.

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  • Contratiempo- 6/10

It was supposed to be a thriller and turned out to be so messed up that in the end I didn't even understand who the killer was, eventually.It's a no.

  • Zodiac- 8/10

That was a proper mystery thriller, based on a true story and it kept on it all the time, it's worth your time, I promise.

  • Kissing Booth 2- 7,5/10

You may say that it wasn't that good but it was fun. Also, unpopular opinion: I like Jacob Elordi better that way like he's growing up, he's in college of course he wouldn't be the same. Marco didn't excite me that much but him being rejected was heartbreaking.

  • Birdman- 7/10

I think it was an Oscar-nominated movie some years ago. Well, it was a bit tiring/boring but all in all it was inspiring and had some things to say and make you think about life, social stereotypes and archetypes.Incredible camera shots .

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