You cannot deny it: your phone is full of digital clutter. Whether it is too many pictures, old playlists you will probably never listen to again or apps you have not used in the past two years. Here is a little guide for decluttering your digital devices.


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Start by going through all the apps on your phone and decide to keep only those you have used whithin the past month. You can always decide to download it again if you really need it.


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lets face it: you can finally delete the maths homework your friend sent you a month ago. If you have never looked at it by now, you will never do. Save your pictures in the cloud or on a harddrive to make space for new memories.


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I had about 150 playlist on Spotify before I decided to delete most of them. Instead of keeping the monthly playlists of 2017 i condensed them into just one giant Playlist. Now, everything looks way cleaner.


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Do you actually need to follow this girl you met 3 years ago in Italy? Try to unfollow some people and keep only those who actually make you happy. You can delete some of the contacts on your phone aswell.

Inspiration for "later"

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It can be old screenshots, Pinterest recepies you saved or notes. Try to actually DO those things and delete the"inspirational reminders" afterwards.

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xoxo Helena

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