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1. Favorite childhood princess (has it changed)?

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Ariel when I was younger, but now I like Rapunzel or Tiana better

2. Favorite childhood movie that you still love

teen beach movie image empowerment, feminism, and teen beach movie image

3. Favorite childhood snack/candy

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Gum balls and gummy worms

4. Favorite childhood toy/video game

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Moviestarplanet and Littlest pet shop was my life

5. How did you meet your childhood bestfriend? Are you still friends?

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My best friend in kindergarten I met because we were neighbors, but we have moved now and she's one year younger, so we lost contact when I started school. My best friends from middle school I am still friends with and I don't remember exactly how we became friends. But one of them was in my class first grade and the other begun in our class in second grade so I assume we became friends because of that.

6. What TV show did you watch after school?

selena gomez image alternative, cartoon, and phineas and ferb image big time rush, james maslow, and logan henderson image bubbles, powerpuff girls, and cartoon image
whatever was on Disney channel or Nickelodeon when I came home. I also liked Cartoon Network, especially powerpuff girls.

7. Is there a song that reminds you of your childhood?

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too many, but most Disney songs and songs from victorious and other nickelodeon shows. Also songs that were often used in Msp music videos such as human etc. hahah

8.What Book/Movie/TV Show Character Did You Relate To Most When You Were Younger?

2009, actress, and alex russo image cece, gif, and bella thorne image
Alex Russo from wizards of Waverly place and Cece from shake it up I think.

9.Who Did You Admire The Most When You Were Younger? (Real or Fictional)

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Honestly it changed so much, whichever celebrity or character I was obsessed with at the moment.

10. What's One Thing You Wish You Could Bring Back From Your Childhood?

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How easy life was and sometimes I low-key miss playing with LPS and the joy I felt when I got new ones

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