I didn't have time to write monthly recommendations since January, so this list will be longer than my old ones. I will leave links to some of them here as well.

Let's start with movies:

Thelma and Louise

90's, movie, and susan sarandon image
A feminist classic. Geena and Susan are a great duo. Genre: Road movie


art, bafta, and korea image
Social class commentary with complex and interesting story. Genre: thriller


80s, death, and tim burton image
Fun rewatchable Halloween movie by Tim Burton. Genre: comedy, fantasy

Toy Story 4

wallpaper, toy story 4, and toy story image
Beautiful animation and details. Good choice when you are feeling nostalgic. Genre: animation, comedy

The Mummy

the mummy, 1999, and egypt image
Treasure hunting with a dash of supernatural. Genre: action, adventure

Other recommendations: