Hi! No one asked for this so I'm here to deliver! I'm gonna be ranking Taylor songs from each album because why not! Let's get controversial baby!

There isn't an order with the albums just what I feel like doing at the moment, I love this album so much so this is very hard!! Enjoy!

Ranking RED (Deluxe)



I love this bridge and I listen to it every so often, It's just not on repeat for me ya know

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Girl At Home

I don't listen to this often either, but when I do I bop to it, it's catchy!

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Come back...Be Here

I don't listen to this enough but truly come back...BE HERE.....one of the best examples of RED's amazing lyrics

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Stay Stay Stay

God the slander this song gets..It's such a cute song I adore it

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We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Who doesn't go off to this classic, it makes me want to dance!

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I think it's such a beautiful way of looking at relationships, through colors

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I Knew You Were Trouble

We all need an aggressive heartbreak song and this is the one! Time to scream the lyrics at the top of your lungs and let it out

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Sad Beautiful Tragic

Very underrated! This album is full of amazing lyrics, this song is one of the best examples

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Everything Has Changed Ft. Ed Sheeran

Another one of her extremely underrated singles, it's looked over all the time! It's such a nice song and makes me wanna fall in love

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I think this song is very loved with Swifties as it should!! Locals please I'm begging you listen to it! A masterpiece

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Begin Again

Another song that makes me want to fall in love, such a sweet song about recovering from a past relationship, also the music video ugh!! i love it

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I Almost Do

This song has currently been on repeat for me, I've been relating to it on a deeper level which has me in tears sometimes when I really think about the lyrics. Love it so much, her mind is powerful!! GIRL DO NOT CALL HIM!

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This song!! Anyone who knows me knows I loved the Kennedy family! So a song dedicated to Ethel and Robert Kennedy??? I LOVE IT!

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The Last Time

Another song I feel like that is extremely underrated, along with me being able to relate to it. I love it sooo much

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The Lucky One

I love the story telling in this song!! The Last Great American Dynasty reminds me of The Lucky One
The lyric "you dont feel pretty you just feel used" hits deeply for me. One of my favorite Taylor lyrics of all time.

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State of Grace

My favorite opening song next to Ready For It..I love it. Lyrical amazing..a masterpiece..I make my friends listen to it all the time

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All Too Well

Every Swiftie loves miss All Too Well..This one doesn't need to be explained, oh I would love to be able to listen to it like it's my first time

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The Moment I Knew

I love this one! Such an emotional song with an upbeat tone. The first time listening to RED this was my favorite song, still top fav!

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Holy Ground

By far my favorite song ever, I definitely know the lyrics by heart and I do spin around my room when I play it on vinyl,

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I hope you enjoyed my ranking! I plan on doing more soon!
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