1.Emma Swan

once upon a time, ouat, and Jennifer Morrison image gif, mad hatter, and jefferson image gif and ️ouat image gif, clothes, and dress image
once upon a time

2.Clara Oswald

david tennant, doctor who, and the doctor image doctor, doctor who, and twelve image clara, doctorwho, and wallpaper image doctor who, gif, and eleventh doctor image
Doctor Who

3.Caroline Forbes

hope, The Originals, and the vampire diaries image bride, caroline, and tvd image Inspiring Image on We Heart It behind the scenes, to, and Vampire Diaries image
the vampire diares

4.River Song (Melody Pond Willians)

dw, doctor who, and eleven image doctor who, gif, and Sweetie image doctor who, hello, and Sweetie image doctor who, spoiler, and river song image
Doctor Who

5.Malia Tate (Hale)

teen wolf, shelley hennig, and tyler posey image icons, shelley hennig, and teen wolf image Image by Private User aesthetic and quotes image
teen wolf

6.Amelia Pond Willians (Amy Pond)

doctor who and amy pond image doctor who, matt smith, and amy pond image dw image doctor who, sad, and matt smith image
Doctor Who

7.Rose Tyler

Image by Private User bbc, doctor who, and sience fiction image bad wolf, bbc, and doctor who image bbc, doctor who, and rose tyler image
Doctor Who

8.Anne Of Green Gables

gif, anne, and green gables image anne of green gables, anne shirley, and pretty image anne, anne shirley, and anne with an e image megan follows and amybeth mcnulty image
Anne with an E and 1985 Movie

9.Regina Mills (The Evil Queen)

once upon a time, gif, and television image robin hood, sean maguire, and ️ouat image gif, robin hood, and sean maguire image once upon a time, ️ouat, and evil queen image
Once Upon A Time

10.Bonnie Bennet

gif, kai parker, and the vampire diaries image bon bon, cry, and tvd image Bonnie, couple, and the vampire diaries image tv show, Vampire Diaries, and tvd image
The Vampire Diares

11.Alexandra Caroline Grey (Lexie)

grey's anatomy, slexie, and mark sloan image couple, lexie, and gif image edit, frases, and sad image greys anatomy, tv show, and mark sloan image
Grey's Anathomy

12.Noora Amalie Sætre

aesthetic, girl, and girls image skam, girl, and noora image beautiful, gif, and girl image skam, noora, and thomas hayes image

13.Sylvie Brett

chicago fire, matt casey, and sylvie brett image brett, chicago fire, and firehouse 51 image blond, chicago fire, and sylvie brett image chicago, chicago fire, and kiss image
Chicago Fire

14.Morgana Pendragon

gif, merlin, and uther pendragon image katie mcgrath, merlin, and morgana pendragon image gif, katie mcgrath, and merlin image gif, katie mcgrath, and season 1 image beautiful, girl, and morgana le fay image katie mcgrath image