Hello Beautiful babes!! I thought it was about time I did my night routine.

Eat Dinner

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I usually eat around 5:30-6:30. Sometimes i have light snacks after dinner, but I stop eating around 8 or 9. if i dont, then my stomach will hurt in the morning

Lounge around

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Ill lounge around for 15 minutes - and hour. Just on Instagram, snapchat, or watching a show, letting my food digest.


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After I let my food settle, Ill clean the kitchen. If its dishes from dinner, or from the rest of the day. I like my kitchen clean and organized

Night Walk

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After im done with the dishes, Ill go on my (usually) second walk for the day. If thats down by the river, a stroll in my neighborhood, or on a trail.


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I love spending the last hours in my pajamas. If Im at my parent's house, ill wear a tank top and shorts/sweats, but if im at my boyfriends, ill wear just a shirt and undies.

Teeth and Skin

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Once i brush my teeth, and wash my face, usually around 9pm, im done eating. no more! I also curl my eyelashes with coconut oil before bed.

More lounging

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Usually, I just lounge around until 10-11pm, Just winding down for the night.


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Right before i go to bed, I chug a lot of water so i stay somewhat hydrated throughout the night. Then i refill the water bottle incase i get thirsty during the night, or so i can drink water when i first wake up


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Then I just go to bed and eventually fall asleep

Thank you guys for reading this, hope you all are doing well!!!! <3