hello my loves ♡
i am back with another tag!
tag me if you use the tag, i'd love to see all
your future wedding ideas
but also, i have like no expectations for my wedding
ahah, this tag was just really fun to do

1. where do you want your proposal?

travel, passport, and airport image Temporarily removed
with the right guy, it would be perfect no matter where it was but if i had to pick, there is something so cute about an airport or in the snow

2. what is your ideal engagement ring?

ring, beach, and diamonds image diamond and girl image
a simple, round one

3. where will the wedding take place?

classy, elegant, and fairy lights image Catholic, church, and jesus image
probably at a nice hall or inside a church

4. what kind of dress do you want?

dress and wedding image wedding dress, bride dress, and lace wedding dress image
for me, there is something really elegant about long-sleeved, lace dresses

5. what are the bridesmaids wearing?

wedding, bridesmaid, and dress image Temporarily removed
i think pink satin dresses look super pretty

6. what does your bouquet look like?

Image removed flowers, pink, and rose image
ooh maybe pink peonies, to match the bridesmaid dresses

7. who is your maid of honour?

bride, fashion, and feel image bedroom, bride, and lace image
either my fiancés sister or one of my best friends

8. how many bridesmaids do you want?

bridesmaid dress and wedding party dress image bridesmaid dresses and 2020 bridesmaid dresses image
i think one maid of honor and like three other bridesmaids

9. veil or no veil?

bride, dress, and wedding image brand, bride, and dress image
to be honest,i'm not a huge fan of veils

10. how is your hair done?

wedding, bride, and dress image hair, bride, and casamento image
maybe a section of it is braided or tied back, but the majority of it is out and in waves

11. what does your makeup look like?

class, beauty, and bride image wedding, wedding dress, and fashion image
a pretty simple and natural makeup look

12. what does the cake look like?

wedding cake and wedding decor image casamento, festa, and wedding image
this is probably what i care about least hahah, but these cakes are pretty

13. what colour are your nails?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It nails and manicure image
nude or pink, but not too long

14. winter or summer wedding?

bride, elegant, and fantasy image bride, double, and garden image
probably summer, only because the sun would be out

15. is there a particular month you'd like to get married?

couple, christmas, and love image couple, love, and fireworks image
the end of december? it'd be cute to be with them as the year ends or the new year starts

16. where is your honeymoon?

city, new york, and building image Image removed
anywhere with him!!

17. will you get an event planner?

checklist, design, and etsy image wedding checklist image
probably not, because i don't think i'd want to have a super extravagant wedding and because i'm picky, i could just make the decisions with my partner

18. how many people would you invite?

couple, love, and wedding image love, couple, and kiss image
like 50 lmao

19. which earrings will you be getting?

diamond, earrings, and accessories image back, blonde, and bun image
some silver drop earrings

20. would you have a photographer and videographer?

wedding, love, and couple image couple, flower, and wedding image
probably just a photographer

21. save the dates or invitations?

rubber stamp, save the date, and wedding gift image
save the dates

22. what do you want to do the night before the wedding?

aesthetic, beige, and crafts image Temporarily removed
write letters to each other, to read the morning of the wedding

23. would you consider pre-martial counselling?

relationships, counselling, and couples counselling image
yeah, it sounds like a good idea

24. would you rather see a video of the event or get a photo album made?

album, create, and diy image album, wedding, and photo album image
a photo album

25. is there a perfect song you have in mind for the first dance?

love, couple, and dance image romance, wedding, and love image
not sure, yet

26. one must have item?

couple, wedding, and love image black, white, and confetti image
white confetti!!