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Best Feature

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My hazel eyes


Image by ˗ˋˏ chloe ˎˊ hair colour and lime crime image

Deepest Regret

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Not saying yes more often

Everyday starts with

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Checking my phone

Fashion Style

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I like layering

Goals in Life

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Become a zookeeper in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Height/Hair Color

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5'1" and Brown Hair

In Love With

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Job of my dreams

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As mentioned before, I want to be a zookeeper

Kind of guy

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Good sense of humor, kind, needs to like animals

Last thing I ate/drank

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Chicken, corn, mashed potatoes, and iced tea


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All Marvel movies

Number of Siblings

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One older brother

One Favorite Song

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Someone You Loved by Lewis Capadi

Person I Last Texted

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A friend

Question I get asked the most

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Did your tattoos/belly piercing hurt?

Reason to smile

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Animals. Specifically my 5 pets.

Skincare advices

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I make sure I wash my face every night before bed


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I have two right now and want more

Unpopular opinion

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American Horror Story is boring

Vacation Place

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Disney. Though I would love to travel the world someday

Worst Habits

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I stay up really late even when I shouldn't

X-rays I've had

butterfly, love, and stomach image bones, skeleton, and black and white image


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I've been watching a lot of makeup artists recently

Zodia Sign

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