The answer is (almost always) “yes!”
Of the many reasons to hire a trademark lawyer for a Trademark (TM), here are few...
-The process can be time-consuming - particularly conducting an exhaustive search of existing trademarks and handling any office actions that come back. Experienced trademark and IP lawyers have successfully submitted many trademark applications, so they will be able to efficiently file your application, allowing you to focus your energy on other company matters.

Trademark protection in Vietnam

-A comprehensive search of trademarks often must go beyond the USPTO’s (already difficult/confusing to search) Trademark Electronic Search System. This would be extremely difficult to accomplish without an attorney and/or professional search. It is much more cost-effective to hire a lawyer up front, than to hire one to rectify problems when you either get an office action or realize your protection wasn't as robust or complete as you'd understood.

-A trademark lawyer can help you frame your application in the best possible way (by selecting appropriate categories/drafting how it is being used/deciding whether to apply for plain text or logo protection-among many other considerations), making it more likely that your application will be granted on the first try and obtain the maximum possible protection for your company.

-Finally, a trademark or IP lawyer can help you after the process is over to help you craft a long-term IP strategy.

Source: Quora
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