hey love,

again it's been a while, but trying to move during a pandemic? not easy, fucking sucks. but this is a simple tag that i want to do and i'm interested in it, so enjoy:)

also you people got my article to more than 1,000 hearts which is fucking dope, that's the first article i've written that has gotten that many hearts, so thank u

now you can enjoy:)


90s, aesthetic, and bff image aesthetic, alt, and grainy image

best feature

eyebrow, eyelash, and natural image eyes, aesthetic, and eye image
natural eyelashes (jamaican black castor oil)


girl, neon, and blue image Temporarily removed
atm purple

deepest regret

free moving quotes image cardboard packing boxes and boxes for house moving image
not moving in with my dad when i had the chance

everyday starts with

Image by Melissa drink, aesthetic, and coffee image
breakfast and sometimes coffee

fashion style

grunge, aesthetic, and tumblr image fashion, clothes, and outfit image
baggy and simple

goals in life

study, school, and college image black, heart, and hands image
starting and finishing my senior year off with a good gpa, organizing my thoughts and mind

height/hair color

Temporarily removed couple, aesthetic, and love image
i have brown hair and i'm 5'3

in love with

Temporarily removed
a person, and food

job of my dreams

job, mentalhealth, and jobs image Image by rumina
no clue

kind of guy

Image by caminie girl image
loyal, funny, smart, cuddly

last think i ate/drank

beach, delicious, and food image delicious and food image
a mango shake, and a wrap


60s, 90s, and forrest gump image about time, love, and movie image
forrest gump | about time

number of siblings

canadian, icons, and siblings image baby, siblings, and twins image
an older sister and a baby brother

one favorite song

alternative, Lyrics, and music image celebrity, eilish, and bad guy image
listen before i go, my favorite lyric is above

person i last texted

Image by katt quotes, text, and words image
my sister

question i get asked the most

hair, look, and style image beauty, fake, and girl image
what ethnicity i am or where i'm from, or what religion i am (first of all religion isn't something you are it's something you practice) i'm from america, my parents are pakistani, and i'm a muslim

reason to smile

black white colors, child children kids, and love omg mood رمزيات image beach, girls, and glow image
it's almost over

skincare advices

aesthetic, glossier, and beauty image Image by ig @alowfeed
don't waste money on skincare products because other people say it does wonders, if you want a skincare routine, keep it simple and cheap


aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image tattoo and body image
i'm dying to get a tattoo sleeve

unpopular opinion

strawberry, fruit, and red image wallpaper, strawberry, and red image
strawberries are actually gross

vacation place

flowers, pink, and sky image Image removed

worst habits

makeup, skin, and aesthetic image aesthetic, bite, and clementine image
popping my pimples preventing myself from having clear skin

x rays i've had

Inspiring Image on We Heart It stars, aesthetic, and space image


Temporarily removed jc caylen, smoke, and kian lawley image
i've been watching kian and jc for 6 years

zodiac sign

aesthetic, aquarius, and icon image aesthetic, aquarius, and icon image

i hope you enjoyed this article, try it out and have fun with it. stay safe


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