hey :) as you may for may not know I LOVE BILLIE EILISH!!
as you should know she released a new song and let me tell you I am going to cry every time I hear her beautiful voice.


I know many think that being one of Billies fan is to be depressed and sad all the time. But to be real with you most of her fans aren't sad because of her music "genre". I am very much happy when I listen to her. Listening to her music and voice makes me feel safe and relaxed. Billie in real life is the nicest human bean. If you love Billie like me text me so we can be friends. Anyways, lets get on to my thought on ' My Future'

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my thoughts

When I first heard one second of it I immediately started to cryy. I love how she starts of the song, you hear ilomilo mixed with i love you. This rhythm keeps going for like 1:30 minutes and then it surprised me that she mixed in a summer vibey part to the song which made the song even more better. I'm just imaging myself at her concert and dancing around to the vibey part.

the message behind it

This song is perfect for people who are trying to move forward and let go of people or the past. I really love this song for my people who are currently single or don't want a toxic person. She says:

'Cause, I'm in love
With my future
Can't wait to meet her
And I (I), I'm in love
But not with anybody else
Just wanna get to know myself

Just love yourself and get to know yourself.You don't need to depend on anyone.

I know supposedly I'm lonely now (Lonely now)
Know I'm supposed to be unhappy
Without someone (Someone)
But aren't I someone? (Aren't I someone? Yeah)

You are never alone because you have yourself to reflect on. If you don't like anything about yourself change if not don't. You are in control not someone else. You decide your feelings, actions and opinions.

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If you need anything please reach out to me :). I want everyone to be happy no matter what you are going through. There is always a rainbow after a storm.

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see you soon :)))