In two weeks, I will be moving to a completely new city with new people, new routines, new house, and honestly, a completely new me.
During this quarantine, I've lost over 20 pounds. For my 5'2" frame, it's a massive difference. I'll be dyeing my hair from its natural light brown to bleach blonde. I've also spent WAY too much money on a whole new wardrobe for my whole new body

In light of all this change inside and out, who will I be? My first year in college, I was, quite frankly, an absolute bum. I cried, didn't exercise, ate junk, and slept all. the. time.
I have so much more energy now - I actually exercise and eat generally healthy. The biggest difference from the previous year, though, is that I am so ready to be someone completely new.

I've never really had such a revelation like that, though. I've always wanted to be something different, but now I can feel it. I already feel different. So, who will I be?

I'll wake up early

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I will be living near the beach for God's sake! I can't just lie in my bed like a grave until 2:00 PM every day. I'll get up at 8, go for a run, have a shower, get my coffee, and do something damn productive.

I'll exercise every morning

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Right now, I exercise every morning. It honestly makes me feel so good throughout the rest of the day and I need to continue with that. It's like a good morning pump of serotonin and might be the reason I'm doing so well right now.

I'll eat healthy*

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Okay, okay. I won't eat like Victoria Secret supermodel healthy, but I'll clean up my act a bit. To lose weight, I've been on a pretty strict keto diet and counting calories, but when I go to live my new life, I don't really want to think about carbs. I just want to eat healthy. Foods that will make me feel good. Salads, oatmeal, coffee, fruit!

I'll work on my passions

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I have so many ideas flying around in my head. I know that I want to do something with animals, fashion, art, or lifestyle. I could start a YouTube channel, create an app, start an Instagram page, or anything really.

I'll be totally fashionable

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Since I've lost so much weight, clothes honestly just look better and feel better. I ordered a bunch of new clothes online that I could have never pulled off before. I just want to redo my whole style and really express who I am with my clothes.

I'll take time to myself

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I'll go out to the beach or the bay to just read, watercolor, or journal. I'll be living with a bunch of people and sometimes, I just need to be alone for a little bit to recharge my social batteries.

Lastly, I'll be a scholar

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I'll be taking online classes which means I will need to seriously focus on my studying at home and online. Last quarter was a bit of a shit show. This quarter, I'll be on top of things and a serious girl-boss.