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There is still a lot of time left before my birthday but I'm a little bored so I will just go ahead.

How old are you?

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When is your birthday?

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February 15. Day after Valentine's.

How old will you be turning?

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Are you excited for your birthday?

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How did this age treat you?

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What did you learn being this age?

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Enjoy every moment of my life. Time passes by very quickly.

What do you plan on doing when you turn that age?

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Get my own car. Graduate high school. Enroll in college. Find my passion and follow it.

Do you celebrate your birthday?

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Not really. Just some gifts from my friends and family and dinner with my closest family.

Are you glad your'e getting older?

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I'm excited to start the new chapter in my life (college). At the same time many things are going to change.

What are your three wishes for your birthday?

1. Health for my family and myself.
2. Hope that I finally find a true friend.
3. Achieve all my goals.