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in this article i'm gonna offer you a lot of money enlightenment and hopefully get you out of this financial video game that the system put you in! stay tuned :)

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basically, paper that we put on a pedestal with a crown and decided that we would worship.
money is important, don't get me wrong, but our relationship with it is toxic. we base our happiness levels on how high or low the number in our bank account is.
we shouldn't care so much about pieces of paper, but the problem is that in addition to being conditioned to this behavior, we also depend on money to make choices. no money, no choices. you cannot shape your life without some form of capital or bargain.
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our value is in how much our working hours are worth. the "worker", "i work 24 hours a day", "i love working more than anything" lifestyle is bullshit!
nobody should work more than anything just to feel valued, just to feel that they deserve what they have.
you've probably heard of people who say: "i sleep at 3 am and wake up at 6 am, i love what i do, so doing what i love all day is not tiring". = B U L L S H I T
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study. get a job. work harder than you can. don't spend your money. save your money for retirement. = (again) B U L L S H I T
we are constantly working and saving money for the future. "i work so i can travel in the future", "i work so i don't have to do anything in my retirement", "i work so i can buy everything i want in the future_". so you're telling me that you don't work for a living, you work for an uncertain future that you don't know will exist and that looking at a number growing in your bank account is enough for you, instead of choosing to live now?
stop this. stop feeling guilty about having money or about spending on things you like. you may now be struggling to pay your bills but i want you to understand: you deserve to live!!! do what you have to do, study and plan (etc) for when the money enter your bank account you kept attracting more and more, but not to save for an uncertain future, but to live a beautiful life, now, in the present!
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definition: "the hedonic treadmill, also known as hedonic adaptation, is the observed tendency of humans to quickly return to a relatively stable level of happiness despite major positive or negative events or life changes".
it’s basically the idea that no matter how much money you have in your bank account, that number will become your new zero, and you’ll always be worrying about not reaching a number less than that one and your happiness will be stagnant until you find a new "zero", a new "concern".
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society tells us that our basic needs in terms of spending are: water, electricity/gas, food, transportation, rent, internet + health insurance or other insurances (internet is not even a basic need sometimes).
we automatically say to ourselves, "oh, i shouldn't spend money on this" for things that are going to make us happy. we live within the cycle: home and work, and some of us are satisfied with that reality.
we also call "enjoying life" = "extra expenses".
drinking wine in a park with your friends, eating in good restaurants, traveling, buying books, drinking good coffee should be considered a BASIC NECESSITY and not an EXTRA EXPENSE. we shouldn't be working until we alienate ourselves, just to feel that we deserve to have a good life or just so we can afford to pay for this kind of thing that should be basic.
your happiness is not a numeral construction, your happiness is now. it doesn't exist: the more money, the more happiness. but there is: with this money, i will do what makes me happy NOW.
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we should be able to spend the money we have on things that will make us happy and not worry that that money should be kept and live our lives in gray boxes hoping that the future will be worth it for our "effort".
work to buy good wine, to travel, to buy things for your friends and people you like, work to buy books, to buy clothes that make you feel confident, to stop by a bakery and buy anything off the shelf. WORK TO GIVE YOU THE PLEASURE OF LIVING!
don't work for a future version of yourself and your life that doesn't exist! HAVING FUN IS A BASIC NEED


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