Hi again! I'm Alexis but you can call me Lexi. This topic is how to have a good time while your still young, whether it's at a party or sleepover. Anyway hope this can help, enjoy!

How to have a good time at a party

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How can I have fun if I'm still young?

Clothing choice

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If your still 16-18 I'd be careful with what I wear. A lot of sickos go to parties. Some tryna cake up wit you and shit but don't let it happen. So...

Sparkle and glow. Pink and gold with some sequins and glitter ooooh girl. BUT WAIT!! Do not dress like a slut at that age, make sure your farely covered up but it's all up to you buttercup.


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Okay hair choice let's see, be fun, creative, and confident. If your with your friends maybe y'all could do something similar?

Try to match your outfit, or make it wild and crazy. Put it up in a cute bun or let it blow in the wind-or the AC. And honestly throwing in some glitter wouldnt hurt. It'll be a pain to take out though.


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If I were you I would make a theme, every thang matching girlie. Once again more glitter and shine, do a full face makeup believe me it'll be lit girls.

Okay if your matching your outfit, hair, and makeup, make sure your theme is banging. A nice big ass wing, glitter eye shadow, cute ass blush, and sick lipstick. And maybe throw in a couple of hand drawn hearts.

Personality, attitude, and sass

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Be nice but be a sassy bitch at the same time.

Do all of this still keeping in mind your young

How to have a good time at a sleep over

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How can I have fun if I'm still young

Set up

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Have a nice little set up. Like a tent or something. With sleeping bags and a computer to watch Netflix on.

If you make a pillow or blanket fort putting up little lights around the perimeter would really light up the place. If you have a group of friends turn the whole living room into a fort.


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Pick a nice food selection out. Cake, popcorn, pizza something really tasty and sugary. Although your gonna crash after eating all that food.

Make sure you get a lot of food especially if your planning on staying up late or your having a big ass group of friends there also it's just fun to eat lol.


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Honestly playing board games with your girls is awesome. Play a game y'all gon laugh at and not get mad or argue at each other while playing it.

Twister is probably the best game to play with your friends. You dont have to argue or compete unless you do teams which is real fun.

Jam out

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Have a jam out session. Have the time of your life. Blast that damn music as loud as you wanna. Ain't nobody stopping you.

Some love songs honestly gon get y'all in the feels lol

Thanks for reading my article, this took forever lol. I hope you enjoyed it and you take some of the advice I gave! Thoughts and prayers to all♡