Hi everyone 🌿✨

Can we talk about the indissoluble beauty of handwritten letters?

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The wait, the handwriting, the stamp, the choice of the envelope, the scent of the paper.. I've always been fascinated by people's handwriting, maybe I'm kinda obsessed lol but every handwriting has its own individuality and I think it's very interesting.

I honestly think if someone ever had to write me a love letter I'll be head over heels for them.

I used to exchange letters with my long distance best friend and I treasure them with all my heart and I'll probably keep them until I die.

I found this app called slowly, with which you can send and receive virtual but true letters (it takes the same number of days that it takes a letter to arrive) and you can have pen friends all over the world. Of course it's not the same thing as the handwitten one but I think it's really cute!

If you have this app you can add me, if you want to be my pen pal! This is my ID: 6WQKBM

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Thank you for reading ♡