I don't really know how to introduce this but I'm gonna do my top 10 favourite actors...
This was also really hard to put into the correct order because all of these actors are amazing.

Hope you enjoy!

10: Kevin Hart

Action, gif, and movie image Image removed gif and kevin hart image celebrities, kevin, and celebrity image

9: Finn Wolfhard

rp, strp, and finn wolfhard image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed finn wolfhard, finn, and it image

8: Adam Driver

driver, adam, and starwars image gif and adam driver image adam driver image adam driver image

7: Diego Luna

diego luna and dirty dancing image diego luna and rogue one image diego luna image dance, javier suarez, and danse image

6: Sebastian Stan

sebastian stan and gif image sebastian stan image black panther, winter soldier, and bucky barnes image Avengers, Marvel, and sebastian stan image

5: Mark Hamill

photography and mark hamill image luke skywalker, mark hamill, and photography image luke skywalker, star wars, and fandoms image behind the scenes, episode vii, and jedi image

4: Will Smith

will smith, mib, and men in black image 90's, retro, and el principe del rap image 90s, vintage, and will smith image aladdin, abou, and disney image

3: Johnny Depp

boy, vintage, and johnny depp image jack sparrow, johnny depp, and pirates of the caribbean image depp, johnny, and love image grunge, perfect, and Hot image

2: Jack Black

jack black, tenacious d, and pick of destiny image crazy, tenacious d, and jack black image jack black, Black Sabbath, and funny image jack black, school of rock, and rock image

1: Mike Myers

Image by Rosedizzle Shizzle cat, funny, and cat in the hat image movie, quote, and mike myers image austin powers, mike myers, and yeah baby image

Hope you liked this :)

Freya x