Hello! After some time of silence I came back with a new idea. Today I will share one challenge that I am trying to complete – one month without (or at least as possible) sugar. It is not for any likes or just because everyone does similar things, I do it for my health.

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First try

For the first time I've done this challenge in February. Out of nowhere it came as an idea.

At the moment I was living in dorm, so I cooked and planned meals by myself. I stopped eating muffins, chips, deserts, drinking cola. Instead of that I ate fruits, yogurt, planned what could I eat everyday (meat, fish, lots of vegetables).

What went wrong: My cheat days were only weekends, when I allowed myself a donut or something. Sometimes I mixed yogurt and granola which had chocolate in it. Not good...

Results: My digestion got better, especially after having yogurt every day. I had less pimples on my face and felt more energized. Also, I saved a lot of money, just imagine – no sweets for a month!

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My goal

My goal is to use less sugar for the whole August and even longer. I will try to avoid any cakes, donuts, ice cream that my family loves. Also, I'll stop drinking coffee.

Of course, it will be hard to avoid sugar that is in food, for example, in bread. Also, I will allow myself one desert per week, because I often bake pies. Another tip: to use less sugar in bakings than I used to.


Fruits, berries, vegetables, peanut butter, yogurt, nuts.

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Oops... I cheated?

Please, have in mind that this challenge is only for better health. If you want to try such thing, make sure your organism won't be shocked after sharp daily routine changes. Everything in life should be done in small steps.

Four days have passed without sugar. It's time to see how strong I can be! More update coming soon.