Hi guys! So about a week or two ago, I posted an article, describing why i've been gone for a while. But for some reason, after I posted it, it just went away. Sooo, that is why it says "reupload" in the title.

Why i've been gone
So around the middle of June, I lost all motivation to write articles. I just left WHI for a while. Not long after I joined the app PicsArt. Also during that time, I became a really big fan of Taylor Swift (I still am) I was not planning to make a fan account, but it just gradually turned into that. I kinda got obsessed, and realized that it was best for me to delete the app. ( I also missed WHI) So I am back now! I am going to do some occasional reviews of Taylor's songs/ albums. I hope you enjoy them!

A big thank you
I am very happy to say that I am now at over 900 followers! Thank you guys so, so much! I love you all. Thank you for continuing to support me, even while I was gone. Love you all! 💕