hey guys, its been a while since i wrote something on here, am still working on the consistency. but, lets talk about August, i felt that before we get to the next month, it important to do some various things to change our mentality, especially since there has been alot going on...COVID19, says it all. but hey, nothing is allowed to deem your light!

so, i decided to do some research on the various things to work on prior to getting to the new month. let me start by stating my mantra for this new month coming, mentality is everything. they say it all starts in the head, and to some extent, what we think actually comes to life and we don't want any more bad events this year, haha, i got you on the good ideas.

first, give thanks. so much has happened this year, people have lost their lives, livelihood, houses, but you are here healthy and having all your needs met, give thanks.

second, adopt to the current situation. i know it is a cliche phrase, but to thrive, you have to come to terms with what the world has become now, masks and staying indoors. this will specifically reduce the anxiety of having things together.

third, learn more about yourself. currently we all have so much time in our hands, whats more important than knowing yourself. focus on learning a new concept about you at least once a week. this will help you grow as a person.

fourth, explore your interests. remember we all need money, and maybe one of your interests would do that for you. most of the time we are preoccupied with school, work, and other things, but now we have the time to do those things we've always wanted to do, well except travelling.

lastly, fifth, work on establishing and maintaining your peace of mind. nothing more important than this, however its not easy for everyone at this time and moment. but remember, every journey starts with the first step. take that step towards talking to someone, towards doing things that calm you, and just being you.

i believe i did a long post today, but kindly have the patience to go through and i believe you'll learn a thing all two. stay safe. positive vibes all the way.

image from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/770045236262438211/
sunflowers, because this month will be full of them. kisses*