I'm here now to talk about the last sign of the first half of them, virgo. I usually like virgos, kind of.

โœง element โœง
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As an earth sign, virgos like routine and stability. They like the physical and material world. They're often reliable and good at business.

โœง modality โœง
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Despite everything, virgos can be very outgoing and talkative; they often like to be around people and they're the best sign among the earth ones when it comes to changes.

โœง ruling planet โœง
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As a sign ruled by mercury, virgos have, in general, a great intellect, mainly when maths or logic is involved. They're great at catching lies and love to keep their mind working.

โœง symbol โœง
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โ™๏ธŽ - the maiden

The maiden symbolizes the self sufficiency of virgos. They can do anything they want all by themselves and even when they don't, they do.

โœง compatibility โœง
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earth and water sign

Virgos have negative polarity, so they get along well with earth (taurus, virgo and capricorn) and water (cancer, scorpio and pisces) signs.

Their astral paradise is capricorn, while their astral hell is leo. And their complementary sign is pisces.

โœง numbers โœง
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The sun passes through the virgo constellation between august 21st and september 20th.

The virgo constellation is located between 150 and 180 degrees of celestial longitude (150ยฐ โ‰ค ฮป < 180ยฐ).

Virgo is in the 6th house and its lucky number is 5.

โœง sun in virgo โœง
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Virgos feel this pressure to be perfect all the time, but only them feel it. They love being right and are usually quite sarcastic, but deep down they have feelings. Actually, that's the problem; they want to see logic in everything, even when there isn't any and they hate it. That's why they, sometimes, refuse to have feelings. Also, their mercury sign will have a huge impact on them.

โœง moon in virgo โœง
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They tend to be introverted and have trust issues. They think they can handle everything they're going through on their own, but, sometimes, they can't. They highly dislike talking about their emotions to other people and often feel vulnerable when they do.

โœง rising in virgo โœง
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These people seem shy and timid at first, but all you have to do is give them time. However, they can be really fun and funny once you conquer their heart.

โœง mercury in virgo โœง
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These people are super smart and are truly passionate about knowledge. For them, it's not boring at all and chances are that they love reading. They appreciate an alone time and love learning, a really good combination, isn't it?

โœง venus in virgo โœง
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They aren't known for being exactly romantic, because they prefer to express their feelings through practical actions rather than romantic ones. However, they are generous and devoted for their partners. They're super loyal and caring when in a relationship, but tend to be insecure when not.

โœง mars in virgo โœง
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Unlike other signs, virgos here stay calm and serene rather than aggressive. They highly prefer intellectual than physical strength and instead they are critical and judgmental.

โœง jupiter in virgo โœง
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They're often productive, hard-working and meticulous. They pay attention to the details all the time, in every aspect of their lives. They're very analytical and usually are pretty helpful to everyone.

โœง saturn in virgo โœง
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They're very hard-working and dedicated to their work. They like to do everything perfectly and, sometimes, it gets in an unhealthy way. They can be a little obsessed with organization and cleaning, but they're fine most of the time.

โœง uranus in virgo โœง
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These people like to keep themselves busy all the time, or they feel useless. Even though they know how to reborn when needed, it's always for practical reasons.

โœง neptune in virgo โœง
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Somehow, virgos always know exactly what they want and how to get it. They have their own ideas and perspectives about life and and they'll support it until their last breath.

โœง pluto in virgo โœง
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For them, the best way to change is within a method and system and not against the old one. However, they prefer to improve things rather than inventing new ones.

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