Last night I had 30 minutes to spare so naturally I decided to watch a movie that 2 hours long and while watching kissing booth 2 I had some opinions that I wanted to share so here they are (sorry if they’re a bit out of order):

---------------Full spoilers ahead for the entire Kissing Booth 2--------------

• I’ll start of by saying that I didn’t think that I was going to watch the 2nd part because watching the 1st felt like watching a really bad Wattpad adaptation that had some horror elements. But I’m glad I decided to watch the 2nd part because it felt like watching an actual movie with amazing cinematography.
• I am gonna say something that might be controversial, but I’m sick/bored of love triangles. There are plenty of couples problems that you can write about, let’s just please throw out love triangles.
• Is it bad that I don’t really care about Rachel (Lee’s girlfriend). Throughout the whole movie she’s just jealous about the fact that Lee’s spending a lot of time with Elle. Rachel knew that Lee and Elle are best friends (or at least that they spend a LOT of time together/almost do everything together).

But Lee is not better either. He’s a bad boyfriend, why would he even have a girlfriend if he doesn’t want to spend time with her? Rachel asked him to talk with Elle about them spending time together just 1 on 1, and he just ignored it. And he literally forgot to tell her about the Halloween costume change??? Like dude that your girlfriend, you could’ve literally just send her a quick text – that’s it…
• Let’s talk about that awful/ awkward scene with Elle and Marco at the beach. I got so confused when he got his guitar out of nowhere? and stared playing it/ humming for like 10 second and then stopped like what was that?!?! I was so uncomfortable…
• The kissing booth scene + public school announcement with Lee and Rachel- personally I think the love confession and apology should’ve happened In private.
• The gay ‘’twist’’ was so poorly done that it shouldn’t even exist. Don’t get me wrong I love seeing gay couples in movies, but this one was so bad and it felt forced and like they threw it in just so that the writers/ producers could say that it’s ‘’diverse’’.
• Then after the Halloween party scene where Rachel blows up on Elle for no reason, like couldn’t she just talk/ reason with her? After that Lee starts ignoring Elle and then he has the nerve to get mad at her for applying to Harvard?!? Dude you literally ignored her for at least a month…
• Dance competition: Elle had no reason to kiss Marco, even if she thought Noah was cheating on her, just break up with him and then go kiss whoever you want. Also Noah wished her luck on her competition and then surprised her by flying in to support her, while her best friend from BIRTH couldn’t even come see her… Elle literally full on cheated on Noah like…

• The thanksgiving dinner: I would have liked the arguments to be a bit better between all of them because they felt weak. But most importantly I thought that Lee was mad at Elle because SHE KISSED MARCO/ SHE CHEATED ON HIS BROTHER NOAH, not because she decided to apply to Harvard.
• Chloe waiting to tell Noah how her earring got under his bed is kinda shitty on her part, because now it just feels like she waited so that she could come up with a lie.
• That homecoming football game scene between Marco and Noah- I think that Elle kinda wanted Noah to fight (she might be like Veronica Mars in this situation- aka she likes when he fights/ loses his temper once in a while).
• Then in the end when Noah asks if Elle loves Marco she just says ‘’It’s always been you’’. Like sis didn’t even say no, she didn’t deny it (which is concerning to me because at the moment I’m team Noah ( yeah I know they had a lot of miscommunications throughout the movie, but (if I’m not mistaken) it’s both of theirs first real relationship and they young.
• Graduation: Marco creepily watching them talk?...
• And lastly Elle got a clean slate (she figured thing out with Lee, Rachel, Chloe and Noah) and still decides to lie about her acceptance letters… Girl learned nothing. Also where did Rachel apply to?

So those were some of my bigger opinions/ questions, I’m sure that right after I publish this I’m gonna remember something else that bothered me. Anyway what did you guys thing about Kissing booth 2?