Hello everyone and welcome to the fourth article as a group of the @thehoneyclub theme week!!

This is our first article that the five of us have written together! We hope you will enjoy it <3

1- Alejandra:

It is inevitable that the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of summer is an airplane, an airport, suitcases, the nerves and the butterflies in my stomach. For me, summer is memories, vacations for a few weeks to recover from everything bad that has happened, just do what you like the most, discover new places with your family and look at the sea and just see its vastness without thinking about anything else. This year I have learned that sometimes the dumbest thing is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you, I miss arriving at the airport at four in the morning, all nervous, with my sister excited and not knowing exactly what that trip will bring us. Summer is a liberation for me,is that like that song you can't stop singing at all hours, and I know that not everything is fine now, but I know it will be solved, I know it will. In the meantime, we can remember things we did, remember past summers, and plan future ones. This does not end here, there are many summers ahead.

2- Martha:

Summer for me is something beyond a season, beyond nice weather and calm sea, it’s a different dimension. Entering summer for me is like being in a state of a balance of relaxation and melancholy. If summer was a person, it would be one you can’t explain how much you love with words. Even the word “summer” can evoke memories in my mind, like the sun setting and it’s golden rays mirror on the sea, sitting in the balcony listening to Lana Del Rey and looking at the moon, coming home late at night with my stomach hurting and my eyes tearing from laughing, silently watching movies with the neighbours while everyone’s sleeping, painting rocks and shells from the sea to distract myself from my sunburnt back and I could stay here listing all my summer memories until i fill a notebook page, but the most important for me is that summer is something special for everyone. Summer is so sweet, so magnetising, it makes you forget the scorching sun and burning sand, the headaches you get from extensive sun exposure and the seatbelt burning your fingers after being in the sun (hope that isn’t the case just for me lol) and that makes it stand out. Each summer can give you something different, a piece of advice, a life lesson, but most of all the quality of admiring the little things.

3- Sophie:


For lots of people summer is supposed to conjure up memories of beaches, warmth, freedom and late nights spent with your loved ones.
But summer often feels bittersweet because it reminds me of time passing. I used to love summers spent with my family, traveling or simply at home celebrating birthdays—everyone in my family was born in summer— and it was overall a very happy time. Unfortunately as I grew up, I discovered how life can sometimes take you down for no reason, and leave you all alone. Summers didn’t quite feel as free and innocent as they used to. My summers are now either filled with worry about my future, my body image, sleeping or staying indoors to avoid the heat.
I don’t enjoy this season as much I used to, but that’s okay. People change, life changes. And besides, despite how much I used to enjoy summer, I’ve always preferred fall and winter.
I guess my vision of summer and what it means to me has changed a lot, kinda like myself. To me, summer now means transition, deep changes, developing friendships. It means being gentle to yourself, enjoying life while it lasts, and being hopeful about the future instead of missing the past. And as I pack up to go spend wonderful and carefree holidays in the south of France with my best friend, I feel as if I have gotten a bit of my long lost childhood summers’ joy back.

4- Sofie:

To me, summer brings fresh new opportunities to become a better person. This is the season where I feel able to push the boundaries I know and take a leap into the unknown. I can finally feel comfortable experimenting with new hobbies, meeting new people, discovering truths about the world around me, and finding new things I enjoy. But other times it can feel like an ongoing competition between time and myself. It can feel as though I need to cram in as much as possible before summertime is over or else I haven’t done as much as the rest of the world around me. As the years progress, however, I realize more that I need to wind down and not compare myself to others as I do.

5- Katerina:


What does summer mean to me? Well, everytime I’m thinking about summer, I get a feeling of relaxation and calmness. It’s the exact same feeling of the first day of holidays. So, when I feel down or discouraged, summer moments with my friends and family pop up in my mind and I feel better. It’s the time of the year that all of us can dedicate some more time to ourselves and to the things that we like to do. During summer, we are able to enjoy the sun, the sea and many nights with clear and full of stars skies. In small words, summer is like a must-needed break from reality and everyday routine!