30th of july,2020.

─ hello everybody. i hope you're doing well! todays topic is how to lower the influence of kpop since i'm pretty sure many kpop fans are influenced by it in many ways.

› the number of influenced kpop fans is for sure big. the influence can effect our health,body,opinions,actions,personality and many other stuff.

› if you're getting influenced that is effecting your body and important thing you should remember is to not compare yourself to kpop bodies. i know it's hard since i'm struggling with it too but you have to remember that. most kpop idols got their body in a unhealthy way and you shouldn't do that to yourself too. what you should be doing is starting to eat healthier and work out, what you shouldn't do is starve yourself or go on diets. this can also effect your health so please treat yourself right.

› kpop has a influence on your opinions? you should always remember that nobody should have control over you, don't let kpop tell you it's right to diet or starve yourself and make you think it's the right choice to do. always thing right through stuff before getting influenced. build your own opinion on things and don't let anybody control it.

› the main step to lowering the influence of kpop is just to remember that you are your own person and nobody should have control over you. if the influence is making you think bad about yourself or how you look i suggest you take a break from kpop or just focus on working on your body.

› you should also realize that we are all different. it's okay if your body doesn't look like your favorite idols body. we're all built different and there is no way you can look the same way as them. that is totally not a bad thing. you should shine in your own light and now try to reach your body to look as somebody else.

› always remember to love yourself and never get influenced to do bad stuff to yourself and stuff that can harm your health. health is the most important and you should take care of yourself.


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