Due to the confinement that we are living, the free time is enough to get creative with the makeup, so I recommend you to make one of these makeups worthy of a publisher to receive many compliments in instagram

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Search Instagram for filters, take a screenshot, and re-create it on your face.
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Aesthetic shining, don't measure yourself with your satin shadows and glitter for your makeup.
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Cow eye makeup, it's a sensation. Try it!
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Trippy shadow, color saturation is a classic in beauty art; but I recommend you to make a tie dye in your shadow.
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Shaped blush. Now that the soft girl blush is so fashionable, take advantage of this excess blush to stick on and create shapes.
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Neon flame, what better way to make art than combining two trends: fire and neon!
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Clouds on your face.Painting clouds is relaxing and you can use your face as a canvas.
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Anime style, not that it's fashionable, but Japanese cartoons have already made us all fall in love, make a tribute to them in your makeup.
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Witch makeup. Bring out your darker side with a makeup that you would use if you were an attractive witch.

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