I will be stronger than my sadness.
– Jasmine Warga

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❝ First off, i apologize if my english is not perfect. It’s not my native language.
I know I should see a psychologist and not just come here but as I don’t got any money to see a professional right now, I just thought I could ask you guys any advice.
I just been feeling like my life does not have any point at all. Like i don’t see the point of living. I mean, i’m not saying i want to kill myself. I just been feeling very depressed lately and with school ending and me struggling to find a summer job. I don’t really have anything to occupied my mind with. Plus, i don’t even have the envy or motivation to do anything.
Anyway, i know you are not psychologist or whatever but if you have any idea of something that could cheer me up or occupied my mind, i would really appreciate it..

We would like to let the writer know that their english is amazing and it’s okay to feel and think negatively when you’ve hit a bad phase. Just a reminder, it’s a bad time, not a bad life.

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Nadine/@sparkling_tears - Dear Anonymous, I know how you feel and you are not alone with your feelings. Everybody has ups and downs in his/her life. You'll get out of there again. After a long year of school I think that you deserve to take a few days and weeks off. Right now you don't need a project or something to work on. Take some time for yourself and allow yourself to do nothing if you don't feel like it. At least for a week or something. For me at some point my interests and my motivation came back after some time.
I'll just list some ideas which might help you.
- Writing: About your thoughts, dreams, wishes
- Music: making music yourself (express yourself, sing loud and false^^),
listen to music (depressed if you make you feel understood or happy if it cheers you up)
- talk to someone who understands/distracts you - read something (it keeps your mind occupied) - meditate (it'll bring you guidance for your life goals and meaning)
- join a WHI writing group if you haven't yet (They are super positiv and you get some motivation/inspiration to do something)
- go outside and experience nature (studies show that humans need the contact to nature for well being) Feel hugged. You'll find your joy and happiness again.
Astrid/@badasstrid - Hey girl, just wanted to say, I feel you ! I’ve struggled at a very young age with depressive feelings. I couldn’t find the point to all that too, like why the fuck am I even here ? I thought life was too hard to be lived anyway. What I can say to you now : it’s not true. I still have to deal sometimes with depressive feelings, and above all with anxiety. It will come over and over and I know it. But I’m not afraid. Life is cycles. If there’s very deep downs, there will be very deep ups. And with time, you’ll learn to transform the very deep downs into just « okay I’m down right now but better is coming, so I stay focus on what’s keeping me alive ». There very deep downs will not become that deep with time. Now, when I have depressive feelings, it really doesn’t last long because I learned how to take care of myself on those times, and keep slowly going. You’ll figure it out, don’t worry. You’ll figure what is keeping you alive. For me it’s as simple as learning and giving to others. Each person has its own. Free therapist exist, or associations who can support you. Seeing a therapist made miracles with me. You just have to keep trying. Wish you the best, and send you love. - Astrid.

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