This time I'll explain everything about leos, personally my favourite sign of the zodiac.

โœง element โœง
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The fire signs are passionate, temperamental and dynamic. They can either keep you warm or burn you.

โœง modality โœง
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This means they are 100% sure of who they are. They're always loyal to themselves and their opinions, and no one can make them change.

โœง ruling planet โœง
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(Again, not a planet). The sun is the center of the solar system, just like leos. They're natural head turners and their presence is always noticed.

โœง symbol โœง
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โ™Œ๏ธŽ - the lion

The lion symbolizes strength and importance. They're the kings. There isn't a way of a leo go unnoticed.

โœง compatibility โœง
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fire and air signs

Leos have positive polarity, so they get along better with fire (aries, leo and sagittarius) and air (gemini, libra and aquarius) signs.

Their astral paradise is sagittarius, while their astral hell is cancer. And their complementary sign is aquarius.

โœง numbers โœง
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The sun goes through the leo constellation between july 21st and august 20th, approximately.

The constellation is located between 120 and 150 degrees of celestial longitude (120ยฐ โ‰ค ฮป < 150ยฐ).

The leo sign is in the 5th house and its lucky number is 1.

โœง sun in leo โœง
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Leos are bold and passionate. Their shine radiates warm and energy and their charisma is felt by all. They're also natural leaders and very confident about themselves. They can seem selfish, because they tend to put themselves first, but they're actually generous too. Since leo is ruled by the sun, everyone here has pretty strong traits of this sign, because then it will be given even more importance to the sun in their birth charts.

โœง moon in leo โœง
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Those whose moon is in leo have a constant need for attention; they love talking about themselves and usually have a pretty high self esteem. Even if they value themselves more than the others, they're great supporters.

โœง rising in leo โœง
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They seem confident and bright. They spread their natural shine wherever they go and tend to lift up everyone's humor. They love smiling and love making others smile too.

โœง mercury in leo โœง
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They're great performers and surely know how to speak and convince people. Their worriers revolve around themselves, but when something catches their attention, they get obsessed.

โœง venus in leo โœง
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They love to flirt and to show off to people. They like to seem experienced in what they're doing, even if they're v1rgins. They make you think that you are the lucky one to be with them. However, when already in a relationship, they're super loyal and can even be overprotective. They won't let anyone insult you, because they'd never let anyone insult them.

โœง mars in leo โœง
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Mars accentuate the competitive side of leos. They never admit they're wrong and they fight till death for their opinions. They can be aggressive if they feel threatened and usually make impulsive choices.

โœง jupiter in leo โœง
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They are often talented and creative. Also, you have to be seen as someone special, otherwise they'll feel frustrated and annoyed. They love their individuality, and they get better when they accept it.

โœง saturn in leo โœง
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They love being bosses or at least not having one at all. They're also very self-disciplined, even though they like taking risks. They're also amazing at self-expression.

โœง uranus in leo โœง
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They're risk-takers; they usually make impulsive choices without taking a second to think about the consequences. They're also pretty energetic; when they have something in mind, nothing nor anyone can stop them.

โœง neptune in leo โœง
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They're usually creative, but there are a few arts they're specially interested in, like theater, fashion and cinema. They're often contagious, generous and usually have this power of influence to everyone around them.

โœง pluto in leo โœง
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They achieve transformation and growth through their own will and energy. They often don't depend on anything else and, honestly, they prefer that way.

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