hi, im gonna start doing the 30 days writing challenge, hope you like it

day 1 - explain the meaning of your name

my name is belén


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the origin of the name belén is hebrew. it comes from the term "bet lehem"


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belén or "bet lehem", means house of bread. it also refers to the city where jesus was born.


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strong, sentimental and very determined.

belén according to urban dictionary

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"A Belen is a person you can't help but look at all the time. Her beauty is breath taking but invisible to her. She has the most beautiful smile take seems to lift your spirits just by looking at it. She has amazing dark brown hair that seems to glow with life every time she moves. Her eyes are so deep it is as though your looking into the ocean, they are so gentle and open as though you could just fall inside. Her laugh makes you want to be the person she laughs with, so lively and bright that its almost impossible not to laugh with her. A Belen is someone that you can share your troubles with and she will understand without any doubt or questioning. Someday I hope I get the courage to talk to a Belen."