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A - age

beautiful, girl, and gomez image Image by 🥀🍃
a few days till i turn 20

B - best feature

makeup, beauty, and nars image Image removed
probably my lips

C - colour

Temporarily removed Image removed
changes all the time, currently, it's beige

D - deepest regret

girls, fashion, and friends image gossip girl, chuck bass, and blair waldorf image
treating some people better than they really deserved

E - everyday starts with

coffee image bed, morning, and sheets image
a warm drink or hitting snooze

F - fashion sense

fashion, outfit, and style image belt, coat, and elegant image
jeans, boots & belts

G - goals

gigi hadid, zayn malik, and couple image daughter, grandmother, and holding hands image
to be happy and to make a difference

H - height & hair colour

Temporarily removed art, girl, and painting image
i'm 5'2 and i have dark brown hair

I - in love

Image by alondra love, couple, and kiss image
with someone who is my everything

J - job of my dreams

anatomy, doctor, and Dream image surgeon and surgery image
a perioperative nurse

K - kind of things you look for in a partner

love, couple, and kiss image boyfriend, couple, and engaged image
ambitious, charming, funny, warm-hearted

L - last meal or snack & beverage

food, Chicken, and McDonalds image mirror, white, and photo idea image
chicken nuggets and water

M - movies i could watch over and over again

justin timberlake, Mila Kunis, and couple image film, mario casas, and movie image
friends with benefits and the invisible guest

N - number of siblings

baby, sisters, and family image boy, Cookies, and cooking image
one younger brother

O - one song you can't stop listening to right now

ariana grande, ariana, and ariana grande butera image aesthetic, glitter, and tears image
currently, mirage by elina

P - person that i last texted

girls, peace, and pose image Beautiful Girls, tumblr, and selena gomez image
my childhood best friend

Q - question i got asked the most

quotes, social media, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
how do you know so many people?

R - reasons that make me smile

confetti, party, and fun image fashion, girl, and coffee image
being alive and surrounded by incredible people

S - simple skin care tips

glow, goals, and tan skin image etsy, rosehip, and jojoba image
avoiding makeup often and moisturising daily

T - tattoos

black, grunge, and hand image butterflies, tattoo, and wrist image
none yet, but i want to get one

U - unpopular opinion you have

aesthetic, cafe, and cake image starbucks, carrot cake, and hamburg image
cake isn't that great

V - vacation place

breakfast, food, and summer image Image by Irena15
santorini, greece

W - worst habits you want to fix

college, study, and school image Image removed
a terrible sleep schedule and self-sabotaging

X - xrays that i have had

butterfly, aesthetic, and black image biology, study, and studying image
a chest xray

Y - youtubers i watch

acessories, ashley, and bestdressed image couple, love, and partner image
bestdressed & jess and gabriel

Z - zodiac sign

beautiful, goals, and sign image Leo, zodiac, and art image