Hello Everybody! I hope you're doing amazing :)
In today's article I will write about the bedroom makeover that I'm planning to do soon. I will, as well, give some ideas and inspiration if you have the same desire to change your room.

Colour Palette

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  • My father (has degree in architecture) explained me that, whenever you're doing an room makeover or just decorating one, the colour pallet (of a room) should always consist in 3 colours, or less.
  • For me, I'm really indecisive about what colours to choose, I like earthy tones, white and pink/lilac, so I still have to make a major decision...

Choose the Aesthetics

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  • It's rare to only have one aesthetic, we always have a few aesthetics and sometimes it gets hard to incorporate them in one space without getting confusing.
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  • And not just that, sometimes we are obsessed with an aesthetic temporary and, unless you don't mind changing your room regularly, maybe you should choose the ones/one that have been "your aesthetics" for a long time and that you are sure you will not change them in a week (for example).

What do you usually do in your room?

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  • How do you spend time in your room? Do you spend most of your time in your desk studying? On the internet? Do you do a lot of DIYs? Keep that in mind because you want to make your space suitable for the kind for your hobbies or just "duties" (like studying or working).
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  • Save more space for the things that you work more with, it can be painting, music, etc
  • For example, I'm starting my "spiritual" journey, so I like to have a space to put the crystals, candles, books and dedicate my time to that.

Decoration Ideas

  • Pictures
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Collect and print pictures with your loved ones, it can be Polaroids, film, or even just printed from your computer. Every time you look at them some memory that brings you joy will pop in your mind.
  • Drawings & Paintings
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You can ask your friends and family to draw/paint something for you, the point is not to be perfect and an "prestigious artwork" but something meaningful and made by them!
  • Plants
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Not only for decorative uses but specially for purifying the air, plants like Aloe vera, Snake plant, English ivy, Flamingo Lily, and others help purifying the hair of your house.
  • Flowers
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Gives colour to your bedroom, they are so pretty and they smell so good :)
  • Magazine
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You can make a pile of them, rip the cover (or print one) and put in on a frame, etc
  • Candles
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You can choose a scent that will help to sleep, relax, it can be just pleasing, there's even scents that help you concentrate while working/studying. Scents for everything! It decorates and gives you a soft light.
  • Vinil
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For the ones who like to hear their favourite songs in a vintage and retro way ;)
  • Perfumes / Jewellery display
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Displaying your perfumes and/or your jewellery it's a very classy way to decorate your dressing table or wherever you usually do your make-up or place your jewellery.
  • Vision Board
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Not just because it's decorative, but because it's one of the best ways to manifest your dream life!
  • Posters
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Movie posters, band posters, celebrity posters, science posters, playboy posters, news posters, whatever you like! They are super aesthetic and cool.


There it is! I hope you liked it and I hope i left you with some new ideas and inspiration!