I think, many of your have heard about #challengeaccepted or seen black and white selfies flooding Instagram. It seems that women have started another movement. Some girls nominate their friends in captions, some of them speak more about women power. But what was the reason of it?

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The hashtag is nothing new – it pops up on social media often, but this time it is used for a new trend. After recent femicide acts in Turkey celebrities and non famous women started online movement. Many posts were intended as a show of solidarity with a 27-year-old university student Pinar Gultekin, who was murdered recently.

One of the first demonstrations against femicide and violence against women started in 2016. In order to raise awareness of the high rates of femicide in the country (and not only in Turkey), women started posting black-and-white selfies supporting other women around the world.

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Some sources say, the reason is not only in Turkey. A great influence was made by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after her speech about sexism which went viral on Internet.

However, not everyone is happy about such thing. Some bloggers, journalists, celebrities wrote on Twitter that this "movement" has no meaning. They say, if women want to support each other, they should come up with real actions and not posting selfies.

As any other trend, it has two sides. On one hand, black-and-white pictures show solidarity with victims of femicide. On the other, Instagram posts are temporary and has no real inluence on problem.

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Women should support each other every day. Sometimes just a simple compliment or geniuine advice could be everything a girl needs. Let's speak about femicide and HELP if someone is suffering, not only by posting selfies.