Little things in life I have deep appreciation for. Enjoy!

Slight breeze on a hot summer day

girl, hair, and beauty image brunette, cottage, and flawless image girl, friends, and friendship image Image removed

Sound of rain drops hitting the window

Image removed rain, window, and green image Image by Irena15 adventure, pretty, and escape image

The way everything seems greener after rain

after rain, green, and mountain image book, rain, and coffee image after rain, green, and rainy day image after the rain, beautiful, and green image

Sound of the ocean hitting the shore

beach, ocean, and sea image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed sea, aesthetic, and sky image

Starry nights

stars, night, and sky image astronomy, beauty, and blue image stars, sky, and night image stars, night, and bridge image

Full moon nights

gintama, screencap, and anime image full moon, moon, and movie image aesthetic, art, and beautiful image aesthetic, beautiful, and blue image

Sunlight hitting the skin

Temporarily removed aesthetic, beauty, and dress image aesthetic, aesthetics, and alternative image art, aesthetic, and tattoo image

The smell of books

beach, books, and bracelets image book image sun, woman, and book image book, girl, and aesthetic image

Running through an open field

Image by A vintage image aesthetic, grass, and green image running image

Laying down and just listening to music

music, Angelina Jolie, and grunge image music, vintage, and grunge image beautiful, body, and lay image Image by Will Gold

Dancing with friends to your favorite songs

friends, sunset, and aesthetic image friends, beach, and sea image party, girl, and friends image girl, friends, and aesthetic image

Letters and postcards

letters, vintage, and Letter image aesthetic, anime, and asia image Image removed aesthetic, vintage, and love image

Meeting someone for the first time and knowing that you'll be very close (platonically or romantically)

best friends, girls, and bff image love, couple, and boy image friends, friendship, and goals image aesthetic, couple, and series image

Sunlight coming through tree branches

лес, деревья, and красиво image sun, nature, and road image лес, деревья, and красиво image лес, деревья, and красиво image

Late night conversations

love, couple, and window image couple, talk, and window image stars, night, and talking image art, forever, and laughing image

Feeling butterflies in my belly

butterfly, love, and stomach image butterfly, sky, and aesthetic image header, butterfly, and blue image Image by ༄𝕾𝖆𝖓𝖉𝖗𝖆༄

Laughing so much that it starts to hurt

friends, friendship, and girls image bar, friendship, and girl image friends, friendship, and best friends image guy, on film, and friends image


Image by DiarDaria best friend, bestie, and best friend goals image grunge, random, and group hug image Image by ᯽𝕔𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕪 𝕗𝕝𝕠𝕤𝕤᯽


love, couple, and aesthetic image Image removed love, couple, and aesthetic image bed, boy, and girl image