Hiiii guyssss<3

Sooooo i wanted to share some of the songs i have been listening to on repeat lately.
It should be noted that my music taste is very broad, i have been into K-pop, Rap/Hiphop, Pop, Rock (should be noted that it's rock music from the 70's/80's so Queen basically) and Jazz. But during quarantine RnB has grown on me a lot so i wanted to share some of my favorite artist's and some of their songs :)))

(I found most of these songs on Spotify on one of their playlist's called Fresh Finds: The Wave)

Scorpio's Letter by Taste of Pluto:
- This song is just.. mm- Chef's kisses- It's just the only thing that comes to mind, when i think about describing this song. It's one of those songs that I just vibe with, i wanna dance when i put it on. It's a song that when you put it on, you simply can't stop yourself from singing along to it. And also her pronunciation and voice is so soothing and nice to listen to.

Domino by Caine Casket:
This song makes me look differently on the world. The outro for the song is very beautifully written (and just art itself), you hear him read a poem out loud where he questions mankind himself, and I'm in love with the way he does it and what he's trying to say with this song. Just a masterpiece.

IM NOT IN THE MOOD by Colby Lafayette:
This song is very different. It grew on me after i had listened to it a couple of times. His voice hit's different, his way of rhyming and putting his lyrics together is so well done, it makes it very satisfying to listen to, and the song itself just makes me feel like I'm in a field of flowers on a picnic or something.

Diddy Bop (feat. Cam O'bi & Raury) by Noname:
This song was the one that really got me into RnB, I had it on repeat when corona started and it lifted my mood a lot. She started this whole thing for me, and this song as she says it in the title IS A BOP.

Got It by the band BLK:
I was recently introduced to this band (it's a band consisting of three girls) They are so cool, they have three completely different voices, and yet they still manage to blend them together perfectly. The girl who's rapping during the song is the girl that fascinates me the most, i have never heard anything like her voice, and even though it had to grow on me, I am completely in love with it now.

I know this is a very long article, and it may not interest that many but i really recommend you listening to these songs even if your not really that into RnB, because they are all great and the people that wrote and produced them are way too underrated, and like every other person in this world I think they deserve sum' more loooooove.

Please write me recommendations of some of your favorite songs (I am always looking for new songs to listen to!)

hope you have a nice day and know that i really appreciate you if you've made it this far

HuGs aNd KisSes