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Elite (90 songs)

DC, gif, and movie image red, aesthetic, and light image
Alternative, Pop, indie, Lana del rey, K.Flay, the neighbourhood, Taylor swift etc My favorite songs / Mis canciones favoritas

Limbo (mostly 35 songs)

green image car, fashion, and fire image
I constantly add, remove and decide to which playlist should go to, usually new music or that I just discovered / Constantemente agregó, elimino y decido a cuál playlist va, generalmente música nueva o que acabo de descubrir

MK ultra (300 songs)

2000s, britney spears, and cyber image gif, brie larson, and Marvel image
Pop Songs that everyone likes, safe to play if you are with your parents / Canciones que a todos les gusta, segura para poner si estas con tus papás

Pandora´s box (140+ songs)

gif and alice abernathy image Avril Lavigne, princess, and gif image
Indie rock, electronic, rap Iam angry ¿? Idk

Pésame la botella (80+ songs)

Image by hana
Reggaeton, para pedas y perrear
cassie ainsworth, chris miles, and skins image alcohol, party, and grunge image
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