Hey dear readers!
I recently became really interested in greek mythology and I've seen this article and decided to do the same. Hope you'll enjoy it!

Which Greek god is your favourite?
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Apollo, god of music, light, prophecy, and healing
Which Greek goddess is your favourite?
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Persephone, goddess of spring and the Queen of the Underworld
What Greek monster is your favourite?
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If you could take any god(dess)'s power, who would it be?
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Honestly it would be Eris. Okay, I know she isn't a good one but hey! she can manipulate others and cause confusion and we could use it in today's society for the greater good!
Aphrodite or Athena?
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Athena, goddess of wisdom, handicraft, and warfare
Zeus or Poseidon?
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Poseidon. Who doesn't want to conrol the seas?
Hades or Demeter?
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Hades. One of my favourite gods, I think he's the least problematic and I don't think he's a villain. (sorry Demeter, love you too)
Hephaestus or Ares?
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I'm just kind of interested the energy (aggression? oops) of Ares
Apollo or Artemis?
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Both. Can't choose, sorry.
What would you be the god(dess)/deity of?
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the underrated youth. (now go and listen to yungblud's song: hope for the underrated youth <3)
What would be your patron animal?
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What city would you be the patron of?
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I was always fascinated by New York
What would be your symbol?
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black bracelets

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